Tutanchamun 2005 by rita

Tutanchamun 2005

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Added: Sep 15, 2005
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Can you imagine, how a pharaoh would look like nowadays?
The modern pharaoh was modelled by Simon Dominic, Epilogue Artist extraordinaire.

Pastelpencils at velourpaper.

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rita's picture

Thank you, Linda. The petroglyphs are the real ones (beside the funny ones of our times). "Baronimpossible" alias Simon makes a great egypt pharao Wink

ravenswood's picture

Hi, Rita! I love your work! I especially was struck by "Tutanchamun 2005" And even the petroglyphs in the back! Wonderful imagination. Keep up the good work! Linda Matusich

rita's picture

THANK you Leona, Simon was happy, too - and yes I had SO MUCH FUN

Guest's picture

SQUEEEAALS!!!! Oh my goodness Rita!! He is sexy sexxy sexxxy Miss Lady you!! I bet you had lots of fun doing this piece.And those hieroglyphs are lmao fuuuhhhhnnny!! You do such wonderful work! Thanks for letting us enjoy your talent.Have a wonderful weekend!

rita's picture

THANK you, dear guest! I just had the idea, when I saw Simons photo - so blame him Wink

Guest's picture

I love how you gave such a modern twist to King Tut! This is such a unique concept that I haven't seen before.

rita's picture

Too kind of you, Johnny - thank you!

Guest's picture

Great portraiture. You truly have a gift.

rita's picture

Thanks Peter, and always when I look at it - I see that I have not enough shadows at the "hat" - TRUE - but still like it Laughing out loud

pegahoul's picture

Cool pastel work and funny idea ^^. A bit flat on the hat (or whatever that was called ^^), but I understand this is an old pic.
The expression is wonderful!

rita's picture

Oh Kirsi - thank you so much! I do admire your work so much - so your comment makes my YEAR Laughing out loud
And yes, Simon is happy with it.

kizalon's picture

oh man! what a brilliant idea and execution! I think you've made Simon reeeally happy with this Wink - you have a very unique artistic eye bringing vivid facial features and certain sensitivity and personality in portraits, I admire that.. - very good job!

rita's picture

Thank you so very much Sam! He liked the painting, too Laughing out loud

zephyri's picture

Hi Rita! So, this is what the famed Mr Dominic looks like hmm? I know him as Baron Impossible over on CGTalk and have marvelled at his works for a good while now. This is a great portrait! I love how you've handled the lighting and the folds in his skin. I alos like how the eyes aren't overworked... in a lot of portraiture, people pay too attention to them and not the rest of the piece, but you've struck a nice balance. And his chest hair is very well done too... cracking stuff!

rita's picture

Hi Dan, glad you liked them. When I decided to paint "modern" symbols mixed with the ancient ones - I couldnt stop laughing...

wolverat's picture

Hey Rita,
This is a great concept. I especially like the symbols in the background. The bicycle and smiley face. Cracked me up!

rita's picture

THANK you very much dear Guest!!
Makes me happy.

Guest's picture

Just saw this for the first time browsing around today, JUST LOVE THIS! Cheeky, cheeky! Great pose, great expression, great idea, great painting!

rita's picture

THANK you Dani, I used Pastel-pencils Smile glad you enjoyed viewing it.

daniela's picture

I like the way you use pencils, and this image is unusual. I like it! great job.

rita's picture

Ken, thank you very much - as a modern "Tut" its no problem so show.

ken's picture

Great work, interesting idea. I loke the touch with the gold tooth. Ken

rita's picture

OH THANK you Mia, and I wish I had such a charming style Smile

baileyaya's picture

The play of shadows is so lovely, makes me wish I had the patience to paint like that, wonderful!

rita's picture

Thank you very much Kay - I like that painting, too Smile

rowanwood's picture

He just pops off the page. It's wonderful. Smile

rita's picture

Smile Glad you had so much fun - I had that too, while painting Smile

jmleottiart's picture

This is hysterical! Thanks for the laugh! Nicely done! Smile

rita's picture

THANK you very much Linda - like his glasses, too Wink

meisarn's picture

Cheeky! I like the eyes

Art at its best.