You haven't seen my Syrinx?? by rita

You haven't seen my Syrinx??

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Added: Jan 20, 2006
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Model for my Faun is Epilogue-member and extraordinary artist James Browne.

Nupastels and pastelpencils at velourpaper and some final corrections (and help) digitally.

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rita's picture

Thank you, Robert! Love them too Laughing out loud

rw2gallery's picture

This is amazing, love those ears.

rita's picture

I agree, fauns are just fun!

rainesz's picture

Oh Rita, this rocks. You captured the inquiring expression so well! And fauns are just great.

rita's picture

Your comment makes my day, Rachel! Thank you sooo much

raich's picture

Wow Rita, your skills as a portrait artist are very evident. You really captured James' likeness, and added such a unique fantastic element to it. Lovely work!

rita's picture

Guest, thank you for your nice comment!

Guest's picture

This is great!! So realistic!

rita's picture

Thank you Jessica, as I know how difficult it is to get a nose right, I really appreciate your comment Smile

vestaka's picture

This really is absolutely wonderful m'dear. You did a beautiful job. ... I really love his nose, as odd as that sounds to focus on *chuckles*

rita's picture

Thank you so much Patrick - you still could teach me a lot Wink

megaflow's picture

Very fun piece - you achieved some nice dimensionality here, and the strong darks/lights make it very striking.

rita's picture

Ha ha ha - you never know. But thank you so very much for your wonderful comment - fills my heart with joy!

pat-ann1's picture

Wow!! Your wonderful portrait skill and all the great feedback just might make Jame's put down the paintbrush and take up fashion modeling!!

rita's picture

Smile Thank you very much for this wonderful comment! He enjoyed to be portraited as a faun.

baileyaya's picture

Wonderful Rita!! He looks so wicked. You'd never guess he paints lovely fairies as a career. I love it =)

rita's picture

Thank you Lorenzo! Not as sexy as your girls... Laughing out loud

lorenzo's picture

Great work!! So realistic and so fantastic... Wink

rita's picture

Awww- what a wonderful comment Victoria!I love the horns also, but even more the long pointed ears Wink

vszramski's picture

Oh, Rita, this is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!! Well done, so detailed, so real. His expression is rock! Also, the colors are right on! Uhm, is it wrong that I'm kind a diggin' the horns also?

rita's picture

THANK you Sandra - it is his nose Smile and yes, he is just a faun Smile)

taury's picture

Love his nose Laughing out loud

rita's picture

Jennifer, thank you - I always loved pointed ears Smile the bigger - the better Smile

jeneni's picture

Another really good example of texture... those ears are so cute and fuzzy!

rita's picture

William, THANK you - that is wonderful to hear Laughing out loud

wsaloka's picture

Very smooth,tight work.You have a very
nice "flair" with your medium!

rita's picture

Katerina, as usually THANK you so much! I will try to keep up, my friend Smile *hugs*

katerina's picture

amazing work Rita!! one of my favorite portraits here at epi!!
the deatils are amazing and your pastels look like oil paintings the way you blend colors and your realism is amazing, keep up the wonderful work my friend *hugs*

rita's picture

Crystal Rose, thank you! I love to get as much detail in it as possible Smile
And he just looked like he is missing or asking something... therefore the title Wink

crystalrose's picture

Wonderful! The attention to detail is amazing and makes it all the more life-like. I also like the title, very cute and clever!

Art at its best.