Daemon-Hunter by rita


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Added: Apr 18, 2006
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Model and Inspiring for this painting was the great portraitist and epi-member James McPartlin.

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rita's picture

thanks Rochelle, yes it is my darkest painting - if your monitor is a bit dark - I could imagine, that you see almost nothing. But glad you like!

Guest's picture

Hey Rita! I'm just wondering - is it supposed to be near black dark? Because I'm trying to figure out my monitor settings!!

I love the smooth skin, and the dark is very menacing. Great work!

rita's picture

Again THANK you Jessica. James just has gorgeous eyes, hasn't he?

Guest's picture

What an excellent portrait, and of course I knew who it was immediately! Love the eyes. . . so much expression.

rita's picture

Thank you Kirsi! Makes me happy, that you like it

rita's picture

ha ha ha - Donna - thank you so much! First I didnt dare to paint James as daemon-hunter - as he is the nicest and kindest person!! But the dark painting "asked" for something "dangerous"

donnaquinn's picture

Wow, what an awesome look in his eyes. He looks somewhat frightened to me, and I expect he has a dangerous and terrifying profession. Really well done Rita. Smile

kizalon's picture

nice one Rita! This is hilarious and very well made Smile - love the little teeth and expression -

rita's picture

Thank you very much Sandra!

taury's picture

Good looking model and splendid portrait.
Those fangs are cute XD.

rita's picture

THANK you Lorenzo - your comment is very appreciated and I really like your art!

lorenzo's picture

Very nice expression and great portrait! Congratulations.

rita's picture

Tom, your comment makes me HAPPY - THANK YOU

portalrun's picture

Great work Rita! Nice clean portrait...polished....

rita's picture

Hi Stephen, thanks I am fine - hope you TOO. Glad you like it - my next one is Prince Vlad who waits to get accepted...

Guest's picture

hi rita, how are you?
well i hope? nice pickie.
dark and dangerous; just the way i like it..Wink

rita's picture

Sorry James - if one is no vampir, then it is you! But the dark painting just "screamed" for something DARK and DANGEROUS Smile I am glad you like!

somerset's picture

OOOOOOOH my, it's me! frightening and so true to life, I don't think I'll walk the night alone with myself again! Fantastic work, Rita, the eyes, hair and skin tones are awesome!

rita's picture

THANK you Michael. I tried to give the teeth the same color as his eyes - so, they would kinda fit. And I was afraid, when I make them darker, you may not notice Wink

rita's picture

Malcolm, THANK you - that is just my aim!

rita's picture

MANY THANKS my friend - makes me always happy, when you like my work!!!

rita's picture

Thank you Toni, yes, he just is a great model and muse Wink

rita's picture

THANK you so much Pierre, I try to be always productive, but much of my work does not fit to epi Laughing out loud And he IS my fave model, he has such a great expression. How about you Pierre? Get in contact with me, and I will see as what I "imagine" you Laughing out loud !!!

fantasist's picture

I love the dark tones, Rita, and you always seem to capture so much character in your portraits.

mcarnahan's picture

Rita, the form you achieved with such a dark palette is right on. The teeth could be toned down just a little but a real enjoyable piece, great work as always.

j-art's picture

You already know i love this piece. Great work once again Rita!

blondeblythe's picture

Such wonderful expression! I love his eyes.

carles's picture

And here comes another James of yours ! Something tells me he is your favorite model ... Smile A nice new entry, you are truly productive these days.

rita's picture

Thank you very much, Scott. Well I thought, it suits better DARK Wink

sdavis123061's picture

Nicely done Rita. I like how you can still make out the subtle variations in skin tone even though this is a very dark piece. Great work on the eyes too. Nice job. Smile

Art at its best.