Prince Vlad by rita

Prince Vlad

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Added: May 06, 2006
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Prince Vlad, the true inspiration behind Bram Stoker's "Dracula".
Model and inspiring for this painting is the great artist and Epi-Member Matt Hughes.

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rita's picture

This is such a great compliment, Milos! When I got the photo-ref of/from Matt, I though, he loos so kinglike, royal, and so a artist friend and I thought Prince Vlad would fit. THANK YOU so much!

s07iw's picture

Few years ago I visited some places in Romania where he was born and lived. This portrait completely fits into historical frame of who was really Vlad Tepes. Excellent.

rita's picture

Ha ha ha - I thought so, too Sandra - THANK YOU!

taury's picture

That's a much better looking Vlad than the real one Smile (Hey, I mean the real Tepes, not the real Hughes *g*).
Well done, Rita!

rita's picture

Thank you Rochelle - yeah he just needed a regal painting... Smile

Guest's picture

Hi Rita!

Thats a great broody expression you have given him - he somehow looks soft and gentle anyway. That's a great feat for the medium - and the lighting is the perfect colour to bring out his skin tones.

rita's picture

Thank you very much Andreea, glad you like!

dreya's picture

Wonderful use of colour on the garments, and the pose is confident but pensieve. Nice work!

rita's picture

Sabra, thank you - I just love portraits Laughing out loud The original colors are a bit better, but as I cant scan them, but have to do photos - it "washes" them always a bit out. And the contrast I add digitally is not so good.

rita's picture

Matt, my model! THANK YOU so much. That you like it makes me proud and happy!

krumm33's picture

great work rita!

you do such fantastic portraits!!
the colors are beautiful.

matthughes's picture

Nice colors! Given the model reference you had I know you had a difficult road ahead of you on this one ;P
Great job!

rita's picture

Simon - THANK YOU. Yes clean, simple and effective - let the viewer decide where and what the magic and story is...

rita's picture

Thank you, Malcolm! He looked so "regal" in my photoref. that I decided he has to become somewhat majestic...

Guest's picture

Nice pic, simple and effective - good job!

fantasist's picture

What a wonderful portrait, Rita. It has a lot of personality, and the colour is beautifully judged.

rita's picture

Thank you Jane, so happy you like - lately I just LOVE light AND shadow.

darkling's picture

Beautiful! Wonderful use of light and shadows! You always have such lovely work.

rita's picture

Thank you very much Pierre - my next one needs minor touch ups. But soon I work on a surprise Wink

carles's picture

He-he ... your Vlad is much more "Vlad-like" than mine, I must say Smile. Nice portrait again, congratulations for the new entry in your gallery. What is the next one ? Wink

Art at its best.