Leadership Convention by rita

Leadership Convention

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Added: Sep 03, 2006
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The druid called his friends - the kings/queens of their species - to solve some difficult problems together...
Model for my druid is Epilogue member Pierre Carles.
Hard pastels and pastel pencils on velour paper.

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rita's picture

Thank you so much Smile
Main reason I added insects was, that Pierre (my model) likes them most...

dasil's picture

Hi, Rita! I really like your work, and particularly this one - for many reasons - the quality of the rendering, of the composition and especially the fact that you added insects (something, sadly, most artists often don't dare doing whilst they are so wonderful in shapes and colours) - Good work, girl ! Wink

rita's picture

THANK you so much Forest!

forestrogers's picture

Such a wonderful piece! And I love the title. That's a particularly magnificent individual clinging head down to the staff... what feelers!

rita's picture

You are so kind Smile thank you so much, Katerina!

katerina's picture

beautiful work rita the details on his arms and hands are amazing!!

rita's picture

Dan, thank you! Well, pastels are faster then colored pencils...

wolverat's picture

You did a great job on this, Rita. I don't have the patience for pastels. My hat's off to you.

rita's picture

Matthew, thank you! And I agree, think this is my best so far Laughing out loud Glad you like!

rita's picture

Ken, thank you so much! I would be more scared by that big insect beside the ear Wink

rita's picture

Sabra, thank you! I had so much fun doing them

rita's picture

Ha ha ha - thank you, Uwe. Problem was not Pierre to stand still - but the insects not to move Smile

mattbradbury's picture

Hi Rita,

This is really good, one of your best I think. The cloth on his shirt is very convincing. I also really like the eyes, really piercing and quite striking against the colour of his skin. Fantastic!

kenmeyerjr's picture

That ant on his arm is just too damn scary!

krumm33's picture

i love all those crawlies rita!
great details and wonderful colors Smile

j-art's picture

It is sooo cool to see work up here where i already saw the original Smile - Great, great piece Rita, this one is really fabulous with all the details.

Oh and Pierre you are a wonderful model, i just wonder how you could stand so still with all those little critters around you - hehe ---

rita's picture

Kay, thank you so much. A praise from you makes me always so happy and proud!

rita's picture

Thank you, Pierre - Finally I got you in Laughing out loud
Thank you for being my merveilleusement inspiration.

rita's picture

Thank you, Malcolm. It is fun to portrait other artists... How about you?

Guest's picture

Absolutely fantastic Rita!

carles's picture

Hey, it's me there !! Smile Let me thank you once more for this great portrait Rita, it is a wonderful gift. And congratulations, of course.

fantasist's picture

Very nice work, Rita. You seem to be building up a gallery of Epilogue artists in various guises.

Art at its best.