The secret photo by rita

The secret photo

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Added: Nov 09, 2007
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I bought an old house, sooo cheap. I was so excited, couldn't believe my luck! It was just MARVELLOUS! A dream came true.
I discovered the whole house. Finally I found the entry to the loft. So many things here. At a real good hidden place I found an old box with beautiful old photos. But one photo was attached to another one. Carefully I seperated them.
Now looking at this old photo I suddenly knew why this house was so cheap and I understood the stories people kept telling me about the missing people...

Pastels on velour paper and some digital work

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rita's picture

Thank you Katerina!

katerina's picture

wow rita i love what you with the portrait!! congrats on the house!! i know what you mean about being curious who lived there before you and so on...

rita's picture

Thank you Kirsi - looking at my finished work, it just told me this story...

kizalon's picture

hehe.. really a funny piece Rita, I like the description how it gives a lot of depth to this. The fangs are almost adorable! Good job Smile

rita's picture

Thank you, Jamie. It was a little challenge as the ref was only black/white. I am glad I could get this old time feel right.

somerset's picture

Love the old time feel to this one, Rita, beautifully muted colour tones, SUPERB! Smile

rita's picture

I am happy I made you laugh - I like to do that. And I had indeed an OLD photo as ref, he is a member of the family heh heh WITHOUT the fangs of course!

rita's picture

Matt, but that was just my aim - to make you wonder and thinking! I tried to almost "hide" the fangs, so at the first view you just would see a nice photo... THANK YOU!

rita's picture

Thank you Sabra - so right, you never know...

Guest's picture

Hmmm, everybody has a family secret.... I like the way the fangs clash with his otherwise wholesome-looking early 20th century haircut and collar. Reminds me of an old WWII army photo. Thanks for giving me a good laugh!

mattbradbury's picture

You worried me there for a moment Rita! I wasn't sure whether you had actually just moved into this house. Then of course I realised you were just being creative with your description. I have to laugh at myself, I've never been the sharpest tool in the box. Nice work as always

krumm33's picture

oooh creepy description to go with the never know with those darned vampires...

Art at its best.