Nidhogg's breath by kizalon

Nidhogg's breath

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Added: Oct 20, 2004
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Characters to a webgame called "The Five Pillars". I had so much fun doing this!

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borda's picture

wow, what a gallery, so many great artworks Oups

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to the previous guests, yes. nidhogg is a mighty dragon from norse mythology, no dbout about it.

and kirsi, excellent work as always, very enjoyable

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If I'm not mistaken, Nidhogg is also a legendary dragon of immense power according to Norse mythology. Perhaps you might want to look into that. You may find another inspiration. Stunning picture...the flames look so real. -David. G.

kizalon's picture

hey, happy to hear that =D! thank you!

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This is definitely the best picture iv seen in my life.

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by the way the the Nidhogg is not the guardian of hell the Nidhogg (meaning "tearer of corpses") is a serpent whoms sole purpose is to destroy deepest root of the World Tree Yggdrasil which is the Nidhogg's enemy. The great Nidhogg lives on Nastrond in Niflheim and eats corpses to survive. Also the Nidhogg is not the only one of its kind their are others such as Graback, Grafvolluth, Goin and Moin. I know Norse because I am norse! BY THOR'S HAMMER

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you might not beleave this but i truely beleave in norse mythology and this is the true power and fear of the Nidhogg, i love it.

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Woah !!

Wonderfull !! I really enjoy this picture, which perfectily represent Nidhogg for me.

Nidhogg is actually the hell's guardian in the norse mythology..
So congratulation !

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Awesome! The nidhogg is from norse mythology by the way. Unfortuantly, my printers screwed up and print everything purple Sad

kizalon's picture

Oh, thanks so much Michael! I love your art, especially your bears, they're really unique and loveable Smile)

Guest's picture

I love the energy and the strength of all your paintings, this one really moves, and the dragons are beautiful.

kizalon's picture

Thanks Stella Smile! The more the merrier Laughing out loud. I couldn't just leave the poor creature reigning havoc alone...

devilry's picture

Are there two Nidhogg's in the game? Great pic as usual, you paint some mean fire!

j-art's picture

wow - fantastic fantasy piece - should do more dragons myself Wink - and as marley already said - great textures all around!

kizalon's picture

Thanks Marley! Painter is a great tool creating those textures =)

thrax-1's picture

Yea and it shows too!. Always solid textural work in your art!. nice flame effects and especially nice dragon design aswell!. Great work kirsi!.

Art at its best.