I trust you by kizalon

I trust you

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Added: May 22, 2005
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Photoshop 6.0. Nothing more Smile
I'm really pleased how this finally turned out!

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wow! all of your work is breath taking. i wanted to comment on this one because i particularly like the details and the subject. The scratches (or paint) over the horses eye is what really caught my eye, of all things. It's unusual. You are very gifted! --CeRaSa

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This picture is simply fantastic! The horses open trusting expression shoughs how much it loves its rider. The angle is just perfect and the sky and the water are just breath taking! this is my favourite picture. How long did it take you?

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This has a positive feeling.
The horse is beautiful.
I like the angle and the placing of the central figures. : )
And the colors.

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WOW! I love the horse!(I'm a complete equine lover so....yeah lol) Also, the girl is very nice, only a tad bit revealing for my taste. You've a great talent for painting! Keep up the great work! ~Reluna~

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you are an amazing artist! i love your work. i like the expression on the girls face, it says that she has no were else to go so she's going to have to trust who evers talking to her. very inperational

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it showes that they have been through alot together and the way everything playes of each other i beatufull!

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Thank you Amy! Much appreciated Smile

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wow. this is a beautiful peice!

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Thank you Samantha! I had fun making that water, I learn something new along with each painting I make, in this case the water was one of them Smile
Thanks for commenting!

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AHHH! So impressive. I adore how you pulled off the water... and the horse is stunning. Something about her hand leaned back on its back really touches me.

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Barbara, first I really thought that you meant the dog, haha! I had to google about Kelpie, now it makes perfect sense Laughing out loud. I didn't know anything about those creatures.. very intersting similarity. It really could be a Kelpie, who knows =)

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awesome Smile
is that a Kelpie?

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Thank you Emma Smile

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Thank you so much Tom! Yes, the perspective was very demanding, took a lot of planning before painting on it Smile
Thanks for stopping by!

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That really means a lot to me.. thanks Uwe Smile Horses have really won me over, they're a great passion for me. Drawing them better and better has been a sort of measure how i grow as an artist over the years Wink

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Oh my, Kirsi – I whish I could paint horses like you do, I currently have to do a piece with a knight on a horse, I just hope I get the horse half as good as you do – great work my friend!!!!!!

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Great job! Like how you handled the angle(perspective)with the character and horse...The colors and lighting also, very nice...

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You really should be.. it's a very beautiful picture, especally the horse... /Emma

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Thanks so much Rita! I was having so many troubles with this one just because I couldn't use Painter at all! This is a Photoshop tutorial pic to a Finnish magazine called "Pikseli".

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Kirsi - I am also pleased, how this turned out Smile It looks wonderful -wonderful mood. The sky is great, too

Art at its best.