Stay with me by kizalon

Stay with me

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Artwork Stats
Added: Aug 29, 2005
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Artwork Description

I wanted this piece to represent a feeling of sympathy and affection regardless who's showing it, and how the man's best friend never judges anyone based on appearance.

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vengince's picture

This is a touching and moving painting,your concepts and your passion mixed with your taste in color and lighting is awe inspiring on this image.

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One of my favourite!!! Amazing!!!

Guest's picture

Wow. This is one of the most meanigful pieces of art I've ever seen. Keep up the good work.

curiodraco's picture

I really love this image.. I cant seem to stop looking at it, really. Is the dog asking the person to stay, or the person asking the dog to stay? In any case, they make a lovely match

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Art should covey feeling, emotion, passion. You have succeded. Beauty.

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This is stunning, you captured it perfectly. Beautifully done.

kizalon's picture

You never know who the dog belongs to. It doesn't choose his/her owners.. maybe it can't be owned Wink

kizalon's picture

Thank you so much, dear Guest!
I really try to bring something "real meaning" into my pieces, but it's really hard to find the right grip in it, you know? But I'm still very much learning to think and do better art at the same time Wink

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is that the person the dog belongs too?

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I've been snoopin at your art for a wee while now, and I must say that this is the one that I fancy the most. You have a real talent as an artist, but it is in this one you truly show it. Many people make art that simply looks good, and frankly that doesn't impress me much, but in the picture you show so much emotion and meaning that I almost fell overwhelmed out of my chair. A very fine piece of art!

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dunkelgold's picture

i love it.. it´s beautiful..

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brilliantly executed piece.
spade loads of kudos.

starforsaken's picture

This brought a tear to my eye - such a beautiful piece with so much meaning behind it.

kizalon's picture

Simon, thank you.. Long faced dogs are my favourites too, especially borzois, they have such wisdom in their eyes that it's almost scary.

By the way, I'm a huge fan of your art Smile

Guest's picture

Marvellous, you've captured real emotion. And dogs with long faces are a personal favourite of mine.

scourge's picture

awesome.. nice doggie..i guess.....

Guest's picture

Lighting is wrong. What is in shadow? where are the cool colors? The artist needs to study Rembrandt for the next attempt.

Guest's picture

I really love this work! the dog's expression is great!! I love it...I only can say that...^_^

kizalon's picture

better late than never =D Thank you Uwe!! Your commnet really made my day, it so wonderful to be appreciated by professionals like you.. I still can't get used to it Wink

j-art's picture

Well, I’m late, but this is just too good to miss. What shall I say – KIRSI! THIS IS AN AWESOME PIECE OF ART!!! Subject matter as well as your extremely excellent rendering makes this a really stand out piece! WOW!

kizalon's picture

Most appreciated Matthew Smile), that means a lot.. I love your works, all of them!!

kizalon's picture

That makes me really glad, Samantha! It's interesting to see how this piece affects on people in so many ways.. Thank you for your kind words Smile

kizalon's picture

Karolina, I don't know about 'genious' Laughing out loud, but I bow to your high compliment!

kizalon's picture

Thanks Marley Smile, I appreciate your words!!

norchogane's picture

"how the man's best friend never judges anyone based on appearance."

That's real genious. It has beautiful lighting.

mattbradbury's picture

Great great work!

Guest's picture

OH MY GOD.... this is so stunning. I dont know what to say. Looking at this renders me COMPLETELY speachless. It makes me feel so intensely happy and awed inside, I dont think ive EVER had a reaction like this to art before. Thank you.

thrax-1's picture

Awesomely gorgeous work kirsi Laughing out loud. Big congratz on the editors pick. Well deserved.

kizalon's picture

Much appreciated Brenda, thank you! I had a hard time making the dog's expression right.. I've never painted a dog before so this was also a personal challenge Wink

Art at its best.