WitchKing by kizalon


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Added: Oct 02, 2005
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commission work, made using mostly Painter. The idea was to create my own vision of Angmar using only minor references.

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u sure know how to blow a guys mind!!!

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Hellooooooooooooo!!! It's your friend Kenny!!!!! Yes I thought i best make a comeback to Epilogue haha! I missed this painting!! Awesomeness is your middle name me darlin:-) xxx

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not that great?! NOT THAT GREAT?! whoever that person is they need to be punished! PUNISHED! This is so amazing! so epic! Although it does remind me of lord of the rings...: )

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im sorry but this one is not that good but i still think u'r "tha masta" Smile

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David, I appreciate that you think I could execute that scene.. but for your disappointment I'm not much of a fan of Tolkien's stories. I'm kinda got bored in it. But you never know if someday it would again manage to inspire me in different ways =) - thank you for your many comments and I apologise for answering only this late! Been a poor visitor at Epilogie because of many many busy projects that took my time.

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Kirsi, your ability to manipulate digital media is beyond adequate description. This piece is simply perfect. I would love to see what you could do if you were to create a depiction Fingolfin challenging Morgoth. I believe the scene is described in The Silmarillion in the chapter "Of the Noldor in Beleriand" if you take interest. - David G.

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thank you very much! I enjoyed doing this evry much.. it's one of my favourite characters in the book Smile

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Wauw finally a real good art of the Witch King!
I love it, with the fell beast mouth open Smile wings spread, lava surrounded, nice work 10/10

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This is breathtaking, kirsi. I really, really love it!

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Matthew, thank you! I'm thrilled you like this one =D

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thank you Heiko for your wonderful comment! I don't know why, but the yellow tones are addictive to me, I'm beginning to know my style in colours.. Thanks again =)

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Great work again Kirsi, the flames are just spot on!

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Fantastic new image Kirsi , i like the way you use yellow tones in your pics for creating flames... , especially this pic has a big big dark atmosphere with a lot of fantasy

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Thank you Scott! I considered every little detail very carefully so it would look so harmonic in its horridness Wink - I highly appreciate your comment, thanks so much =)

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Wow! That is one impressive painting! Great rendering of the figures and the lighting,color and background are excellent. A very dramatic and powerful piece you've created here Kirsi. Well done! Smile

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Most appreciated Rita! I'm pleased about the flames too =)

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Oh thank you Tom! The wings were tricky, I studied bat's anatomy in order to make the wings spread naturally. It was really fun, like a professor studying new species and different organs Wink

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Thanks for your lovely comment Uwe! =)

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Kirsi - great artwork - love the flames!

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Nice one Kirsi!! especially like how you you handled the Dragon anatomy and wings span...

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Kirsi this one is breathtaking, definitley my new fav from your already impressive portfolio - WOW!!!

Art at its best.