Release these chains by kizalon

Release these chains

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Added: Feb 20, 2006
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I wanted this piece to represent a sense of liberation and relief, but at the same time to show how painful it can be to find the courage within to show your 'true face' and confront the world. This creature is doomed to live in the shadows and dark secret places, but it's really up to himself how he wants to face his destiny and meaning of life.

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gutomo's picture

great work!

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id rather like to know what the thing is thats flying away. a head? a random head? : )

kizalon's picture

Thank you so much Mr. Targete!! I'm so very glad you think so! I'm quite pleased about this one too, don't know exactly why but it sure looks good on huge canvas also, haha!

vengince's picture

awesome Kirsi, the colors the idea, the textures. Wonderful!

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Thanks for the reply. I have to admit I have been checking back for one. Its a risk for me to bear my soul like that, so thank you for the feedback. Take care Kirsi. Smile

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For some reason I couldn't login to Epi so I have to answer to you this way.
- I totally understandy what you said -
It's all about pressure and the compelling will to be strong, succesful, popular and beautiful in life. And then if you don't want to be determined, cold and a natural leader etc. you are easily just one empty face in the masses.
- That's why it's so important that there is always free will, so people wouldn't go along with the world so easily and they can just say 'no!'.

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Wow, I can relate to this message a lot. All my life I complained about people living behind masks, never expressing their true feelings, conforming to someone else's sentiments and not staying true to themselves. But recently I have learned about "Modal Personalities" in anthropology, and I now realize that there is enormous pressure for everyone in all societies to conform to this modal stereotype. To not conform is to face severe social rejection, even banishment, but for conforming there is tremendous social acceptance. Its pretty difficult for anyone anywhere to really be themselves, the consequences seem to be isolation and rejection, difficult conditions to survive in since we need eachother to do so.

kizalon's picture

Thanks Uwe!! If you love this work, then I have to love it too Laughing out loud - I have to be honest though, I didn't paint all the details in the background, partly I did but the ruins are photos I took from Italy. I wanted to create the illusion it's really a classical painting and no-one could see the difference if it's digital, traditional or photo, y'know? - thanks for your kind words!

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Thanks so much Michael! That means a lot to me you say that Smile

kizalon's picture

Much, much appreciated Patrick! Great to hear such compliment from you! Thanks for stopping by Smile

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Thanks Matthew!! Your compliment makes me blush, I greatly appreciate it Smile - I really try to reach closer and closer to my ideas and the way to execute them as carefully as possible. In a couple of years I've noticed that it's all about patience and calmness that can help me to achieve the image that's in my head. I know it's still a long way ahead but I think I'm getting there bit by bit Wink

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Hi Siravalenta!
You are right, it's partly photo-combination. The ruins are from Pompei, Italy. I merged few photos together and made the landscape look painterly and united. Everything but the ground and ruins are painted digitally. The final result took a long time and it was very fun to make Smile
- Thanks for your nice comment!!-

kizalon's picture

thank you so much Marley!! Great to hear that my work has touched you and grasp my strange and badly explained ideas Wink

hythshade's picture

This is just perfect. The classical feel really is breathtaking to say the least. Well done.

megaflow's picture

Goodness - that's impressive! It has a very classical feel, and lots of power. Well done.

j-art's picture

Kirsi, omg. This is spectacular! The textures are out of this world and it looks so natural media- I’m in love with this piece! Brilliant stuff!

mattbradbury's picture

this is amazing work Kirsi, every time I see something new from you I think wow! you seem to be improving with every painting. This one has mind-boggling textures in the background, fantastic work.

mythmaker's picture

Great work Kirsi - both the idea and execution! Is this partially photo-composite or just painting? Keep them coming! Laughing out loud

thrax-1's picture

That is brilliant work, Kirsi. Love the textures for the landscape, i want to achieve an aesthetic like this too!. Message is loud and clear...for me at least Wink.

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