Death of Hwaiwaicaya by kizalon

Death of Hwaiwaicaya

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Added: Jul 21, 2007
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Latest painting of mine. I began working on this last December but was put on hold for a long long time..

"I don't care about your heritage. You have to fight it." Her words echoed through the cold, dead floors of that ancient castle, which was now only infested by the ghostly crys of a dying race. Deep down she knew her plead came too late, her love came too late, he was already in the shadows. As the vines sunk deeper into his body, draining the precious drops of life out of him, he squeezed her hand once more, and sighed heavily, heart flapping weak as a dying bird. "Sweet child.. Remember me, as you tread on soft leaves and shady paths, take shelter under a tree, in the dance of a gentle breeze or a warm fire. I'm right there, holding your hand. We shall meet again in another life. May these short moments of joy with you be blessed in the river of time."

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kizalon's picture

heheh... maybe he is a mutant of some sort.. you never know. Thank you for your nice comment =)

Guest's picture

Me fist though that the vines were growing out of his back, that he bees some mutant man.
Anyways excellent is not a good enough word for it, but me knows none better.

Guest's picture

I can see so much pain in her eyes. This piece quite literally moved me to tears.

kizalon's picture

hi Alan! wow, thanks so much!! Such words coming from such a talented artist as yourself really means the world to me Smile *hug*

alanlathwell's picture

Kirsi. your works are truly stunning. Great textures, colours and brushwork, I love them all!

kizalon's picture

oh, thank you Pierre! You made me so happy by saying that. The balance was just what I was after when making this. It was not so easy to render the background drop yet detailed and not heavily with the characters. Also there was the mood itself that needed much concideration without forgetting the general, simple lovestory behind it all. Great that you dropped a comment and liked this! *hug*

kizalon's picture

I appreciate your words Matt more than you know Smile - your works are a wonderful well of inspiration for a fantasy lover like me, and your skills and stunning visions never stop amazing me - Thank you for your visit!

carles's picture

A wonderful piece indeed. So much has been said already that I have little to add. Again, the textures are amazing, and not overpowering at the same time. A perfect balance.

mattbradbury's picture

I've always liked your style, great textures and mood in this one. Nice work Kirsi

kizalon's picture

Thank you Uwe.. you have no idea how happy you made me. I always attend to learn more after each work I make and improve my painting skills, so glad you think I'm Damn Good these days, yay! Now I'm focusing on trying new techniques with Painter, mostly palette knives, so the actual painting would be quicker and smoother. I see that you still love those watercolours in Painter Smile, you're a real master with them, I'm gonna study using them too, it looks like they give a very rich surface and nice transparent tones easily. -- pheew, this was one of the longest replys ever! :D-- anyway, big thanks and hugs for commenting, my friend!

kizalon's picture

thank you very much Nathan.. that means a lot to me you say that! Smile

kizalon's picture

much appreciated Rita, always nice to receive a compliment from you Smile

Guest's picture

You really establish a mood, I can think of few better compliments! Always look forward to your new posts...

j-art's picture

Omg – Kirsi, this is such a wonderful painting, you are really damn good now, I’m deeply impressed by your skills my friend. Long time since I commented the last time here, but time just didn’t allow me to be much online. Hope this will change and I will be able again to talk more to my friends in art in the galleries…

rita's picture

As always, cool work!

Art at its best.