Human Ranger by tumulty

Human Ranger

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Added: Jun 20, 2003
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This was a commission piece done for a customer. He wanted a human Japanese ranger with studded leather armor. He also wanted him to have a long bow, katana, and long hair. I think it turned out looking real good and the customer was very pleased. That is the main thing!!

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To be perfectly honest, I'm not one of those guests that goes around telling people that their art is great without even looking at it.

Now, for the real thing: The armor is very well done and it is better than the drawings in the books for Dungeons and Dragons, but the person is nothing special (just my opinion). The chain shirt/chain mail is very well done and I think it would take hours if not days. It is very impressive indeed. The person however does not look Japanese to me. He looks more... half-caucasian/half-asian. Very good work anyways. I look forward to seeing more like this if you make more. =)

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Hello, just spotted your gallery and commenting on a few pieces..I just wanted to say with this that I relate to not useing references, as I probably should be useing them more myself but you can NEVER seem to find the right subject in the right pose! Eep! Running around putting family members into awkward positions just for a glimpse, or hireing people to waste hours poseing. Bah, who needs it. /grins.
I think that your artwork is more appreciated for it's anatomy flaws because that is YOUR style reguardless of reference. Thanks for sharing.
Not useing a reference though somehow makes me like this even more. The shadeing is just superb and your attention to detail is obvious.

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I really like the detail you include in your artwork. As for proportion, it comes with time and a lot of practice. With such wonderful details, any minor mistakes are easily overlooked. Thank you for sharing!

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The customer who wanted this wanted an orange stripe in his hair (don't ask my why). I believe it was one of his role playing characters. I know what you're saying about his right foot. This picture is full of proportion problems and this pose was real hard to draw. I sould have used a photo for reference.

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Yay, more great armor. Was there something specific about the orange streaks in the hair? This is a really great piece, albeit the left foot (his right) looks a bit cartoony...

Art at its best.