Atlantis I - The ancient legend by peter-orban

Atlantis I - The ancient legend

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Added: Jun 23, 2003
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This illustration was made for a Study for the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. The theme was Atlantis - the virtual city. My idea was these: some cheap form ancient greek and roman mithology, organic forms, like fish, ancient and gothic arhitecture and flying ships...

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love that tinka

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i like it almost ^

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gtd vff vv cvy ycr6 cr trcciyc

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nagyon szép

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Beautiful, how you used all the many colors, love the reflections within the water and the fish swimming through the tower. Really awesome work!

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Thank you!

It is over the water, but it's been raising from water... In the future, i will upload the whole illustration pack (it contains 10 additional views of the city). There you will see the underwater details. And i can promise you, i had (and have) some ideas about that.

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Very nice. It's like a rainbow city. The water-horizon effect is nifty. I can't seen to decide if it's underwater or over water. Smile

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bwahaha, the fish in the top arch there. very creative, I love it.

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Peter this is absolutely stunning.The architecture,the organic shapes and colour are grand!!!.Love it Smile

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Thank you! Smile

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beautiful colours! I like it!

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Thanx for your comment!!! I just had this idea, nothing else...
As you can see, there are roman and greece mithology peaces, some greece/roman warriors, and many "gothic-style" towers. The inspiration... hmmm,... i think Atlantis should be something like this, or maybe something underwater. In my fantasys, the city of Atlantis was tehnical really forward, i presented this on my illustration with the flying ships...

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That's awesome!!!. What inspired you for doing this fantastic piece??. Really nice , I love it!!!

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Thanks for your comment!
Yes you right, i think it is a bit rotating to the right...

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This looks like a cover of a fantasy book. Very vivid and imaginitive picture! One thing though, my eyes can be deceaving, but is it straight or not..?

Art at its best.