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A discouraging photo if you really look at it. My heart kinda told me it was wrong to take this but then I said I didn't knock him over now did I...

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I guess I'm going to say what everyone else has said. This is incredible. The art of photography is recognizing the moment in reality that will best evoke an emotion. As a Christian, I was very moved by this photograph and it's companion. It speaks very deeply to me about the state of our culture. Don't let anyone discourage you, you are a phenomenal artist and you will only get better. Best wishes.

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was it a mistake that "Tribute" was gone or did u just put it back for some irony? lol

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glad to see u got rid of "Tribute". You shouldn't let others push u around

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i love this picture, and i think your right, it does say stand up for what u believe in, and i think all u people who think its rude and disrespectful, i think u all should be ashamed......this pic is great ryan Smile ~Shannon~13yr

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A very intelligent woman once told me that art is defined simply as evoking an emotion, whether it be good or bad. The incredible scope of ways a single piece can affect people is what makes art so satisfying. To one person this piece might be offensive and infuriating, while another could extract a note of wisdom and warning from this picture. Neither view is wrong, and the artist should not be held in fault for capturing a very controversial and powerful piece of art... after all, that is the goal of being an artist.

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Beautiful and not offensive. Just very very sad, and very telling of the times. Poor Jesus. I love him.

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I redid the image and adjusted the contrast a bit changed the lighting and a few other minor modifications. I would also.

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Absolutely AMAZING.As far as the simple artistic value goes this is a superb piece as it does what any good art does and that is inspire or provoke thought.As for the moral or ethical implications? I say that you were not in the wrong at all.I see this work as a great reflection of society.Is God destoyed? Of course not.But He has been cast aside and forgott

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So this is the picture...I'm in awe. This is truly a good pice of works. It reminds of the stories in the bible where God orders the Isrealites to destroy the statues of Baal ((Old Testament)). No one really knows the face of God or Jesus. I like the whole black/white you got going on and sets a certain mood. Remember, keep making people think, regardless of their ignorance. I love it, love it, love it!

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Thanks I am greatly flattered by all the possitive responses and I agree the lighting was poor and I wanted to do some stuff with it after I posted it. Can I do that or will they just say "duplicate submission" Not Approved like they like to say so very often. Cause I have had 20 photos (easily) rejected because they weren't fantasy, sci-fi, or anime in genre. Well, half the things I see aren't really associated with any of these genre's and I am kind of getting tired of it. Does anybody know of a Photography Site?!

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I won't look at the religious interpretation as that has been done to death here... Instead:
I am extremely impressed that a 14 year old can do this and provoke such a response (though many people don't think it's art, because art is creative and in photography you don't create, you take pictures, blah blah blah) but despite that, I think this amount of feeling about the picture is pretty impressive.
And no, it's not wrong to take a picture of a busted statute. It's just a piece of rock when you get down to it.

The only critism I have is that, image-wise and not 'message' wise, it could have done with some lighting angle. It looks somewhat flat.

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Although I am not a member of Epilogue, though I soon hope to be, I feel that I can offer a comment that might sum things up here. The photograph in question is a marvelous one because it invokes a certain lack of security within the viewer. Anyone who is offended by this picture has been touched by the scary thought that perhaps the image portrayed as God is nothing more than a broken statue and not the Heavenly above. This is a question that absolutely should have been asked and what's more, it should be praised for its boldness. Not many can step forth and portray what he has here.

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That is very

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What can I say that has not already been said? Exquisite technique and deeply provocative. Don't you dare be discouraged by the voice of few, no matter how scathing. Just remember that the stronger the response, the stronger the message. Again, marvelous.

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Let me tell you something, I'm not even a practicer of Christianity and I still am moved by this image. It's superbly done. I can't see why people get shaken up by it, it's a statment of art....not an act of heresy. Let me congratulate you on doing what many of us have problems doing..making an image that people wanna really talk about.

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Thanks **Ryan** for leting me know that you picked him up. Part of me made the post with humor....But I was hoping you did.

I also liked your new one with the statue standing up!

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i believe in god and jesus and this photo does not offend me in the least. i am sad that there are people out there who profess to have a relationship with a god that they think would actually get upset about something like someone's art. apparently they are more concerned with making everyone follow their odd personal convictions, than treating people with compassion. you honestly didn't even have to explain it to me for me to not be offended. it is a wonderfully composed photo and i hope to see more from you! (your newest one is really beautiful as well)

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Beautifully done! Certainly it is an excellent photo in a technical sense, but beyond that, when artwork evokes any kind of visceral reaction (and does so without being totally crass or crude) Then it is an artistic triumph! Good eye!

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I think this is a moving image, and complex on many levels. After all, the statue is a manmade vision of what God could be. If it is forgotten or vandalized, that says more about our tragic tendency as humans to destroy the best and most spiritual parts of ourselves, than it does about God himself. (my take on it--and one of many possible interpretations of your art!) I'm not particularly religious, but I felt sad yet comforted looking at this. . . which is why I think it's strange that more religious people find it threatening! But the strong responses just show what a successful piece it is. Bravo.

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The first sign of security in one's own faith is that you don't let things like this shake you to the core. It's a beautiful picture, well taken and thought provoking. And that is where it should the mind. It's an internal view of what a person may or may not feel, not an excuse to climb unto a soap box and start pointing fingers at the artist. If this image makes some people outraged, may be it's time those people start evaluating their own dedication to their faith. In the end, a photograph is just that...a photograph, not a bible...

Great job, Ryan! Keep it up!

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Aside from the fact that this is a technically superb photograph, it's also beautifully thought provoking. It makes me wonder if the people who are so disgusted by this photo aren't actually covering for some spiritual inadequacy. For myself, i am a pagan and to me this image hits the nail on the head in regards to why i chose that path after being raised a christian. Wink

Very nice work.

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As with much art, the viewer's interpretation says more about the viewer than the artist... and UNLIKE much art, you left a lot to interpret - bravo!

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The main reson of art is to draw emostion and disgusion. You are a master at that Ryan, is what art is all about. Richard is 100% right in my opinion and I am greatful he came along. People who feel hurt about this piece should be put in aw on how much this picture affected them.

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Dude.. it's not that big of a deal. Read Richard's explanation. He hit it dead on. I didn't take this picture to discourage, hurt, or insult anybody's religion or feelings. No harm done. I took this picture to encourage people to stand up against the odds and be unique and at peace with yourself in the hell we live in. If you honestly were affected by it. Good. I did my deed. A photographer's goal is not to show someone a picture so they say good, cool. We set out to affect people with our influencial pictures. At least that's what I try to do. I try to influence emotions with my pictures. I refuse to be another ignorant 14 yr. old who's only goals are to play in the NBA or NFLwhen I'm older I want affect the world NOW. In my own way.

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If it helps any I DID pick him up and put him back into the sunlight. And personally I think Richard grasped the point of the image better than anyone has.

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I agree wholeheartedly with Richard on this one. Saying that it is wrong to take a picture of this is also like saying it is wrong to take a picture of... well, just about anything on the earth that you want the world to see. The photographer doesn't have to be one with God himself or even be biased about the situation at hand. The job of the artist is to portray what he thinks the world should see. That is what increases his skills, and that is what makes good art.

Ryan, I think it is lovely. There is definately nothing wrong here. You have great talent with the camera. Do keep it up.

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i wasnt really talking about the statue its seems to me you just see is a man made statue tipped over..i don't...but that's ok. it's up to the person who up it on here if he want to keep it up.i just told him something that should be said and to think about it..that's all im going to say about it....

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It's a really interesting photo. In a way it represents the way that most of America turns down God, and choose to follow a different path, yet they believe in Him, but that won't save them. It shows how humanity needs to stop and listen to what God is saying.

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For some people answering the questions that seem wrong to even ask is how they discover themselves.

Is a fallen and broken statue of a shepherd in a garden God? Or is it a very clever and provocative photo forcing the viewer to address their own interpretation of God?

Anyone jumping to conclusions may want to take a moment to consider other possible meanings; the statue is man-made, broken and abandoned in a dark garden. Could this be about the failings of the (or a) church or church representative? Heck, it could just be about littering. . . .

I see nothing wrong here -- and I certainly don't see this as spitting in God's face.

Art at its best.