Loki's Payback by cieslinski

Loki's Payback

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Added: Mar 15, 2005
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I love your work! Especially the Loki images, nice how you used runes and modern weapons together. Very evocative.

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he's beautiful. i only found out about loki a few days ago, and i seem to have been drawn in....he's captured my imagination and you've portrayed him so stirringly.

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Woow! I'm speechless. Awesome work!

cieslinski's picture

Heh. Knowledge about anything can be so different and very depending on the books one read. You are closer to the roots of the runes and their history, so now I'm sure your version is more right (now I must find this book and burn it together with my frustration of bad education of its author and his missinformative tendences :>)
So now...ok, ok...You rule, I don't :>

Thanks for "gorgeous painting" :>

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And, I forgot to say that this is a gorgeous painting! =) I like it a lot.

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(in reply to your comment on my comment below)
Nice that you know so much about runes. I have an exam in archaeology & runology, and I'm very interested in runes and why people use them in their art. So that's why I asked if they mean anything, I wasn't trying to put you on the spot. And by 'meaning anything' I meant magic too, not just literary meaning.
(And btw, Odin got the runes from hanging wounded in Yggdrasil for nine days and nights. You can look it up in the Poetic Edda. =) And there are three kinds of Futhark (at least in Scandinavia): Germanic, Norse/Viking and Medieval. Medieval was in use 1100-1800(!) AD.

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excellent texture :Innocent

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This is truely well done and would do honor to the crazed god himself. I love the simplicity of the composition and the amount of attention you put into the detail of the subject matter. ^__^

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WOW, this is really top-notch stuff, Piotr! The rendering of his Jacket is just superb...Hmm yes, wonderful piece. Laughing out loud

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I think the picture's gorgeous!..But, wasn't Loki strapped to a rock as punishment for one of his pranks? ~.^

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What an AMAZING work!!! You truly captured a moment here!!! Fabulous detail!

cieslinski's picture

In brief shortening of the story, Odin gave his eye for the permission to drink from the holly spring, and than he saw the runes. He gave the runes to men, but not the knowledge of the spells that can be made with them. Each rune has the meaning, so connected they can mean nothing, but can be a powerfull spell. You are talking about futhark – the runic alphabet used to write, but obviously there are two kinds of it (as I read about), the old one from about II-VIIc, and early one from VIII-XIIc. Propably there was some differences in form and the meaning in every group, because they have reached (and propably been used too) in England, Germany, Russia and even Poland – and all the countries/regions that have been reached by ancient German tribes from north. So try to decode what is on the oldest rocks in the half of Europe, all the differences and stuff, and then tell me what the meaning of the inscription on the Loki’s mantle is, because even I don’t know it :>. And yes - it is a picture, so it has a decorative function. Class dismissed (I rule, you don’t, na na nana na :> )

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Effin' beautiful. One of the best pieces I've seen in a looong time.

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Does the word 'koaebmj' on his sleeve mean anything, or is it decoration only?

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Wonderful Characture, Loki is one of my favorite Gods (winks). Well done.

Art at its best.