TwoFaced German by dim

TwoFaced German

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Added: Jul 10, 2003
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HI! I also felt inclined to comment to the moron of last year whether he hears it or not....dimitris your pic is fascinating and morbid and oh my god! difficult to do (my fav media is pen/inks) and although i too am skeptical of overly modern garbage coming in to the artworld, I don't even see this is as too "abstract" can be applied in other contexts which the first poster is incapable of delving into...and hey, epguest usually should not open your mouth if you dont know what the heck you're talking about...its very modern, hideous, and takes very little brains to do...keep up the good work dimi!

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I agree with the comment of the second guest, this is a very stupid reaction... Even if that kind of art if not what i prefer it's give a strongly emotional feeling, the twisted faces are kind of frightening... And it certainly take a long time to do... try and you'll see where is the talent. Dimitri > good work, don't worry about that git's comment ^^

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first of all, this wouldn't be here if the editors, who have relatively high standards, didn't deem it worthy - so get over it. Second, yes it is modern, modern fantasy; and it is only hideous to you because your pea sized brain cannot process the visual concept within this work of art. Third, and most obviously, you couldn't get a picture posted on epilogue if you stayed up for a week straight smoking your crystal meth and drawing your little heart out - that's why you criticize other peoples' art. To Dimitris: Well done, very cool work here!

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Why is this art here? It's modern-art, it's hideous, and takes very little talent to do.

Art at its best.