Brown silence by anry

Brown silence

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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 05, 2003
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Artwork Description

Illustration for fantasy game "Sacred".

Procreate Painter 7, Original Size: 7000 x 10369 (px.)

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You got some mad skills man:) Some of the best fantasy work I ever seen:)

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While others may be at a loss for words, I am not. There's no denying the true potential you posess Anry, however there are two major flaws with this piece. First and most obvious is the inaccurate length from the dragon's nose to his/her eyes. It looks like the dragon has a blunt and stumpy face. Second and difficult to detect is that the woman is wearing stilletto high-heels. You expect me to believe she just slayed a dragon while wearing prostitutional pumps? I think not.

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I hope you don't mind my saying this, but that fallen dragon is so amazing I actually felt sad that he's dead. What a dramatic piece. Very stirring. Well done!

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First i must say that i love elves so i love her and i love the bow and arrow (reminds me of Legolas ^_^ ) I also love a woman that kicks ass!

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Excellent piece and excellent gallery Anry. If I were an editor you would have several editors picks. Great work.

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Wow. The composition of this picture is just great. Also how the detail of the dragon is receding in the background to create depths is also very well done. A great picture.

I agree with Ken, this should be editor's pick!

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Man! Will you knock it off!Jeez...

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Simply put, this is one of the most dramatic and stunning works of art I've ever seen here. I would like to say more but I find my words entirely inadequate to do this piece justice.

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After looking through your whole gallery, Iv'e decided you are the best I have ever seen on here. Your pictures capture so much emotion, and at the same time are technically amazing and really well done. Great stuff!

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Epic. An absolute epic.

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Great atmosphere. Cool exotic details, like the dragon spines on the head and the white skin and white arrows!

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The color choice is not one often seen (people often shy away from lovely browns and oranges). Great picture!

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whoooooaaaaa! Anry has done it again! Excellent work, especially the dragon!

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I will never see anything cooler than this...well, maybe I will, but this is COOL!!!!

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this has got to be an editor's pick!

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whoa! This is a truly awesome piece all Great composition with the dragon's talon leading right back to the main figure, her face light enough to make your eye go there regardless...great detail in the scales, nice fading in the mid and, something else!

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I really like your picture. The dragon is very well done.

Art at its best.