Apsara by ronweed


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Added: Aug 06, 2004
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Pencil on illustration board, scanned with colored applied with airbrush in PS

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Could say no more than - I love it!

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One year later ... Rachel Ward!?!?!*%
talk about "against all odds!"
Sorry couldn't resist! Nothing like making a bad joke a little late.

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wow! apsaras usually go to geniuses and distract them fmom their work, but looks like one didn't disturb you Smile

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I love it. Her costume is beautiful as well as the envirnoment.

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Thanks for the feedback, but Where were you when I needed a connection to get reference photo material?
Seriously though when I did this it was very frustrating as I could not decide weather to make her Indian, Thai, or Khemer and forget trying to get really good costume reference pics. Also do to time constaints the figure is...well not up to my abilities (under achieving is something I have got to get past). A while afterwards however I found a movie on a Thai website Legend of Suriyothai and although I have read it is not looked upon favorably in Thailand I also got the movie Anna and the King with Chow Yun Fat. Both DVDs provide exception reference material so anything I do in the future if it is Thai will be much more accurate

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Nice picture....For me...the girl looks more like Khemer.....Yup....I'm from Thailand and I know that Thai women don't drees like that...but similar though....I don't know about others...

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Well, I think this does all Asian people respect, as I am one.... I greatly appreciate that many people look at my culture with new eyes and a bright light... I loved this picture, moreover. The only slightly problems I have are the woman's boxed in face, her rather long neck, and her thin right arm.

Her face, to me, as an Asian living in the tropical rainforest, I feel that her face is rigid... Most faces here are rounder, friendlier, more motherly, if you will. Her face seems a bit too small for her crown and her nose. I love her cheecks, and her lips and eyes, but there is also a neck problem. Let's face it. Not many people have that kinda neck... unnatural, hmm. And lastly, her arm. A bit thin, people here get fatter than that. Wink

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In regard to the breasts being too low. One of the Breast consultants on my ward said, If you leave you arms straight down at your side, the breasts should be half way, hense if you then bend your arms to clasp each other the breasts should just rest or just not quiet touch the arms. As for the picture I think it's beautiful and makes me want to sit and watch her dance for a while!

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hello Anna,

You have a keen eye. Being from the United States I have only been able to look at pictures from south east asia. I was not sure weather I was going to make the woman Khemer, Thia, Balinese or even Indian, so I kind of tried to mix a little of all these cultures together. It was tough to find references for the outfit and a picture of a Balinese dancer was the clearest reference I could find. Some time in the future I hope to redo this piece only next time get a model to aid in better figure accuracy as well as better costume reference.

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Ron, I am a real fan of your work. This is my favorite in your gallery. Your attention to detail takes my breath away (gasps)...please keep them coming! You're my inspiration! Shock)

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Remarkable headdress! The aquamnarine moth is otherwordly!

Fantastic .

Jay at mudstones@aol.com

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She has a remarkable headdress ! The aquamarine moth is otherwordly !

Fantastic .

Jay at mudstones2@aol.com

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She looks somewhat like Balinese dancer, don't you think? Or is she really supposed to be a Balinese woman?

Oh well, Balinese or not, I still admire this picture. Beautiful background, and the geese... they are not... you know, cutie-pie little swanny things, which is GREAT! Something's rather off with the girl's breasts, I think they're too low.

If she really IS Balinese, tell me. I'll get overexcited by then (I'm Indonesian, by the way).

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Hey I really like this...it's so cool, and the details and design is really nice!!

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Hey it's you Laughing out loud Beautiful picture, love the swans and the rainbow.

(and thanks for the comment too! )

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Beautiful and impressive artwork! I love the details and colors. Excellent!

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Beautiful. Nuff said.

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This is just a superb image! I am particularly drawn to all of the details of her costume and headdress. Excellent design work and terrific rendering!

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Beautiful work here. That's a given. Smile But, here's my concern. If she's in the water....wouldn't her dress show some sort of wetness at the bottom where it touches the water? She just seems too dry to me for standing in water, ya know? Congradulations on the editor's pick, though! Nice detail.

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Congrats on the Editors Pick Ron! Excellent stuff.

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Aw Splendid colour work, Ron! I loved the pencil version, what you have done here has enhanced what was already a beautiful piece of artwork!

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Seeing the original sketch, i am impressed with the addition of colour!. an amazing technique to say the least!. Congrats on editors pick too!

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reaaaaaaaally well done! Love the green reflected light on the lower surfaces, the detail in general, the shadow of the butterfly on her hand...great attention to detail!

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Wow....this is an incredible blend of tradtional media with computer-genned! It so rocks you can see pencil-stroke through the color, with is one of the things that saps the life right out of CG art: the lack of a 'human' touch. Off to find more of your goodies, as I'm hoping to learn more about CG art...

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Excellent detail and skin tones. Fantastic style on this.

Art at its best.