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Mina and Gear

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Added: Apr 22, 2005
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Mina is from the dead swamps of the ringed planet Coron (same planet as Noc'lore, Capamoo and Copernicus). She was hatched from an egg pod and raised by her tribe. As with all the young in her race, her parents remain anonymous. As a young child she would wonder off the the swaps borders where she found wreckage of vehicles, weapons and various scraps of metal for her collection. Around the age of 9 she built Gear, her Robotic squirrel companion. When she reached adulthood she broke off from the tribe for nothing more than to see the world outside the swamp. At one point Gear breaks down and due to her horrible sense of direction she ends up getting horribly lost.
(Mina is the nickname I was given in middle school)

Gear was built for companionship and acts as Mina navigator. He has a very crude built-in voice chip and speaks in a high pitched metallic garble. Only Mina understands it. His tail is highly jointed and encased in a flexible rubber (like a bike chain) to keep from snagging in his mistress' hair. The tail splits into four section and spins like a helicopter rotor to allow crude flight for more accurate navigation. He can’t go very high.
(Gear is based on my last adopted squirrel, Craimer, and a sign of my growing obsession with Robots)

That’s all I have on those two. I plan on doing model sheets in the future.

Graphite on Bristol (vellum) & Photoshop

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cherber's picture

wow! Great! I love the story behind them, and I love the details in the picture. Mina looks great, and I love the little robosquirrel! Excellent work!

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Cool characters Smile

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How very original! Well done

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Looks cute Smile

Art at its best.