celtic tree by toeknuckles

celtic tree

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Artwork Stats
Added: Aug 26, 2003
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i drew a million little dots on this, only to change my mind part way through and colour over them in solid black. it drove me out of my mind.

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Great work with this knot!!! I've seen it before once I was looking for a design for a tattoo is great to find the real owner!! Awesome!

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haha. thankyou very much indeed!

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Celtic knots.. in stipple. You're a brave girl.

By the way.. nicely done!

toeknuckles's picture

thanks. i'm a huge celtic knot fan myself. haha. you might have guessed!

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This is amazing! Im a huge lover of celtic knots! It fascinates me how complex to draw yet simple to look at it is!

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thanks, and thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment. Cool

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This is a really beautiful piece. I love how it flows...the design is marvelous!

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slik work ! Smile
looks great

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attaboy girl! Wink

toeknuckles's picture

Cool thanks!

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i wondered if i'd done an ok job with giving the leaves some depth. thanks for noticing that! Cool

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hehe. Cool i wonder if this is who i think it is..? thanks for leaving a message!!

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I love the depth on the leaves and the leaves themselves. I love the celtic knots too. Nice way of drawing a tree. You inspire me.

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WHOLEY FUUUUUUUUUKKKK!!! *jaw drops to the ground* Laughing out loud

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heh, yeah, the repetativeness tested me patience. had to watch movies while doing it. Cool thanks for your comment

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This is brilliant!!!!

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Well, damn... can we say patience?! This must have taken a few tons of it, and then some.... great job, and very enlightening concept.... beautiful knotwork, and awesome image all around.... great job!

toeknuckles's picture

the dots took the longest. i hate dots. thanks for leaving a message. Cool

elneskog's picture

wow....awesome details here....must have taken you hours to just do some of those leaves....tottaly awesome!!! // silverdove

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thankyou. Cool i'm somewhat a fan of celtic knotwork myself. i eventually (when i have the patience) hope to do a larger project involving lots of intricate knotwork.

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it's an idea i've had for a while, and i've done a few drawings based on the idea without actually following them through for some reason or another..

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Interesting idea!

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I am a big fan of celtic knotwork, and this work is just wonderful! I could just imagine all those dots about triving you dotty yourself, though!

Art at its best.