Noster Nostri by toeknuckles

Noster Nostri

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Artwork Stats
Added: Nov 03, 2004
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i rather like goats, which is why i painted one. rather self explanatory, isn't it?
he's just pausing as he goes about his business in a dream-like forest, in complete understanding, with the kind of expression my sister's dog gets when it's thinking rather hard. hence the title. both meanings apply here. and i'm not going to tell you what they are. it's a homework task, kids, for bonus points*
i'm not sure quite what else to say about this image. i guess i should put more thought into these things.
*bonus points are not redeemable in any way shape or form. you will not benefit from this scheme in any way. it will, in fact, waste valuable seconds of your life. tick-tock, folks, you're dieing.

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toeknuckles's picture

thankyou so much james. i take that as high praise coming from a man of your skill.

toeknuckles's picture

to be honest, i dunno. it's ust a goat based on one i found once. thanks so much for your comment!

k-t-roo's picture

aww, a goat! looks like a saanen based one, am i right? (ive got 2 saanen's) the background is great too!

naddy's picture

Amy, this is awesome!!! It is so aluring and magical. That goat is something special. You have a wonderful mind and a great style.

toeknuckles's picture

our/ours-that old dream of ours
our/ours-our hearts beat as one. Wink

Guest's picture

I'm likin' the goat. It's a cool pic despite the simplicity.
Okay, I looked up Noster Nostri and I don't get it. Our/ours?

toeknuckles's picture

hehe. thankyou!

jlwilliamson's picture

Oh he's a very cute goat, isn't he? And obviously wondering who the heck put that light there. Very sweet.

Art at its best.