Seputusnemorosus cariosus by toeknuckles

Seputusnemorosus cariosus

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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 21, 2005
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Artwork Description

deep below the surface of forests, in dark wormhole-like tunnels, live these fellows. they make their homes in among fibrous structures that may once have been roots of trees, but are now dead.

at night, they venture up towards the surface, and are occasionally brave enough to dart a long bony hand out of a hole in the ground to grab some decaying leaves or fungus, which they use as both bedding and food. as a result of this, they have this awful mushroomy smell, and occassionally suffer from fungus spores growing under their skin, causing tumours which then errupt into foul-smelling boils.

dead birds and snails are a delicacy, as are eggs and amphibians. they wait for these items to become rancid, then hunt for them by smell. bones and shells are then used as adornment on the long pointed hats (carved from spongey fungus) these creatures wear.

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Laughing out loud

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Very, very cool!

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heh. thankyou. only i didn't see anything like it out in the just started off as a scribble, actually. and somehow it evolved by itself into this. though nature is certainly always inspiration. Cool

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Wow, I get the idea that you saw a structure like this in the woods and it triggered a creative chain reaction in your mind leading into this painting. Excellent work! Truly fascinating creature. I too am often inspired by the strange and enigmatic things in my environment and often wonder what story it could have in a fantastical world. A+ for total originality.

Art at its best.