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Added: Feb 21, 2005
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i know, a norse goddess. how cliche.
i was mostly using this as a study in fabric and different colours than my normal palette, but i'm rather pleased with how it turned out, so it's a deviation.

freya is the goddess of sex, lust, fertility, love, war and wealth. busy girl.
she lives in folkvang and each day chose half of the slain warriors to split with odin.
she's wearing the precious brisings' necklace, which she acquired by sleeping with four dwarves. she also owns a feather cloak, which allows to her travel between worlds.
but it's not all dwarf-orgies and jet-setting in the world of freya, no! she lost her husband, and she cries golden tears for him. alas, poor freya!! maybe he left her after he heard about her hanky-panky with the dwarves?

freya is the most beautiful of the goddesses, but don't oggle too much. she changed one admirer, ottar, into a boar.

freya likes long romantic walks to the convenience store, watching movies, going to parties and having fun. to contact freya, or to browse more mythological norse singles, get in touch with us.

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Its almost like you used a picture of Courtney Love as your muse. Take a look again at her face. Uncanny Truly!

I still think it is wonderfully done!

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My beautiful daughter is named after this strong goddess, and has her attributes,(forget the dwarves please!) but unfortunately, due to hormones and teenage angst, she slips into thirteen year old mode, so say a blessing for her.

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thanks matt, means a lot to me coming from an artist such as yourself. and no, you see right, she is a tad creepy. but i mean, she's freya! freya is a seriously odd character. well, to me anyhows.

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The dress is so well done, but is it just me or does freya have a creepy kind of look in her eye? =)

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This is such a wonderful piece!!! I love it! The sky is fabulous!

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yes, some wedding dresses online are what inspired me. thankyou. Cool

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Her dress is like for a bride Smile wonderful!

Art at its best.