Cathedral of Judgement by contemplator

Cathedral of Judgement

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Added: Aug 19, 2003
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18X24" oil painting.

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Just "discovered" your portfolio here Saad. Quite simply .. AWESOME!! Fabulous ideas, concepts, colours, .. I'm struggling for words. Totally blown away with your work.
Jerry, UK

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Hey Saad, this is Jess...I still love your work, keep up with it and keep being you!

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Oh my! That is stunning. I didn't even realize i was holding my breath as I looked at it. Looking forward to seeing more of your work Smile

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i think it is amazing how did u ever think up these things, it is amazing. You are a great artist. If only i could draw nearly as good. I hope to see more pictures soon, they make me smile inside:).

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Thanks Denny, I think your work is fantastic Smile

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I really cried when i saw the picture. It's really beautiful and breathless. That place seems to be somewhere i wish i could go....


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such a technique. So young and so good, great work Saad

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It's beautiful. Your detail, the wide variety of colors...the lighting. Everything. There is so much in the picture, but amazingly it does not look cluttered. It's proportioned perfectly....simply breathtaking...I noticed you get your inspiration from Final Fantasy at times....I can tell, you are great at should check out the forums...It's about all ff games and other things....I can really see that kind of inspiration in some of your work...beautiful....


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Ohhh...beautiful. I want to go there very, very much. I want to tell you all about my favourite parts of this painting, but I'd have to point out everything in it.

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I'm very flattered...thank you very much, it means a lot to me when my artwork can reach out to others~
The piece was inspired by a number of things; my own wishes, yearnings and ideals, music I had been listening to at the time, and a desire to capture the beauty and emotion I see in nature everyday...

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Oh my God! This is sooooo awesome!

I usually don´t write comments on Pics, but this time it´s just unavoidable! Wow, I can´t even clouse my mouth!

On the one hand it´s drawn absolutely perfect *stares* and on the other hand it´s exactly the same church or cathedral and the same scene I had seen in my dream ca. one year ago! Ecactly!
Where did you get the idea from to draw this Pic? I´d really like to know, cause this is the first time I see ya pics. And I´´ve never been able to paint it like that...... Oo

Thank you so much, this is so amazing!

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hello Saad! ^_^ You already know I think your paintings are wonderful ^_^ And I didn't know you had a gallery here either, the water is definately my favorite peice, it's just so life-like! I want to see more! Talk to you soon, we now seem to be popping up everywhere for each other ^_^

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Wow! I think your painting is amazing! You have so much interesting and beautiful detail in this piece. My eyes keep moving all over the page. Keep up the great work! ~Susan

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Methinks you're really good at painting skies! The clouds are lovely, interacting w the building in a dramatic way. Nice work on the sea too, the sea's surface is hard to get right but you pulled it off nicely!

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I love your colors and the texture here, especially the clouds! Great lighting too. Very appealing work.

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Thank you Marley, I very much like the land/seascape style pieces in your gallery too Smile Good luck with your artwork~

(Thank you epilogue guests for your flattering comments too..) ^^

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Wow what a stunning painting!very inspirational work.The whole image is great,but i love your clouds,they are fascinating indeed Smile.Brilliant work Saad!

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this picture is just awe-inspiring...amazing...i could stare at it for hours.

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Hi nice painting .. I like the sky and the clouds

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The colors are beautiful! Marvellous picture!Manon:-)

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very nice:) the title is intriguing : judged by who? god?
the path is full of colorfull flowers,its appealing. but the church looks in ruins.if i look the main door i feel like theres nuthin behind it, they will fall in the sea and maybe die...judged:)
visualy, i like the water very much, the path and the girl too, but not really the "style" of the boy (if its a boy).

ha i see that she is bringing him, she looks in movement and hes static...well i really like it:)

Art at its best.