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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 17, 2004
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Originally done for one of the bootcamps on rpgnet.
Published by Mongoose Publishing,
Cover of Signs & Portents issue 8

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Glad you like Smile

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wow; the attention to the little snippets like the pen in the tea; and her dreamlike gaze; a brilliant painting full of inspiratin and love ; as the subject obvoiusly has; wonderful illustration; i love all the little things you put in it; like the dragon desghn on the book cover; very well though out and magical

jlwilliamson's picture

*LAUGH* What does it for me is (besides the spoon/pen switch) the fact that she's a prim young woman instead of a absent-minded old gentlman (which would be the cliche) and that you've put a dragonfly on the cover of her book, subtly hinting at the source of her inspiration. A very nice touch, that.

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Thanks Smile

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Thank you.

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Heh.. She has a counterpart in real life, so I had a pretty good idea where to aim Smile

sdeanbloom's picture

I'm absolutely lovin' this painting! Great details and she has so much character! It's so funny that she's got the spoon in her hand and the pen in her cup! Seriously daydreaming!

Guest's picture

This is a beautiful image, with lovely colors and great detail -- but what *really* makes it work for me is the way you've indicated her state of mind by switching her spoon and pen. That's a great touch!

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What a nice painting. I like most the spoon in her hand...

Art at its best.