MW-77 Laser Array by cybergooch

MW-77 Laser Array

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Added: Sep 11, 2003
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4 th in the series.

"Normally invisible to the naked eye, this time-lapse infrared photo reveals the high-power Mobile Free-Electron Tactical Laser Array (MFETLA) in action, used for target designation and range-finding. The Laser Imaging System is used to create a real-time 3D generated terrain that displays an area of 10km surrounding the vehicle, with an accuracy of 5mm. This terrain data set is used to plot a path, allowing high speed mobility over rough terrain. In addition, any movement detected by the array is automatically tracked and identified."

Maya, Photoshop, Photograph.

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Wow. This is really impressive. Looks quite intimidating. Im sure it uses some kind of cloacking since it cant be seen by the naked eye, cause that thing is huge. And to not spot it would be hard. Unless it has some other camoflague abilities. Or simply that it does not allow anyone to see it live Smile
I really, really like the lasers coming out from it in all directions, but surelly thats some overkill? Normally when it comes to laser mapping (per say the bottom of the sea) One laser does it simply, because it is rapidly acellerating form side to side, getting a wide spectrum. But ok, im sure that huge pice of machinery is able to accuratly create a very handy 3d enviroment... I mean 5mm, thats close. But then by the time mankind (or... ET's) manage to build one, Im sure sattelite surveilance would be so advanced that it could do the same. I mean nowdays we can read a paper from space.
I guess I am over analyzing the image. But to sum it up, Great mood, great machinery, creat colors... just simply great.

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Well, I can only sum up my impression: Scary.

It is so detailed an elaborated that I really hope you invent all this and don't have blueprints of what is meant to rule the battlefields in the wars of the future.

Splendid, you should have submitted this tzo the last month's contest. It would have been a splendid addition!

Art at its best.