Cyan of Rangoon by kolaboy

Cyan of Rangoon

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Artwork Stats
Added: Sep 03, 2003
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16/20 inches

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Thanks Dean Laughing out loud

kolaboy's picture

Thanks a bunch Dave.I've been reluctant to post some of my work because it doesn't really fall into the sci-fi/fantasy genre,strictly speaking.

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Thanks very much Rebecca Laughing out loud

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Judith,many thanks.My primary inspiration comes from music and literature.But really,there's inspiration to be found everywhere.

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Hi there Kay,and thanks so much for telling me about this site Smile

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Thanks Sally Laughing out loud

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Thanks Anne.Life has been a bit mad lately,but I hope to post more soon.

senecal's picture

I am instantly reminded of Hieronymus Bosch. Particularly in the center cylindrical area. Yeah, that's a compliment.

"Polio", "A Red Rose Exorcism", "I Sing of a Maiden", & "The First Painting Of Jie Xia" are but a few of the works of yours I'd love to see here. Not especially sci-fi per se, but hell, it does us good to see your work. In general, it is great to see a painter this honest.

goddessart's picture

This is fabulous. I really love your work - so unique and beautifully done!


judmetzger's picture

I have never seen someone handle acrylics so well! What detail. Where/what is your inspiration?

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this is Kay from DA, glad to see you here, welcome!

how come i only see 3 of your pictures up? Sad you have loads...don't you?

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Really creepy and fires the imagination.

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Ahh!!! I forgot to comment earlier! This is stunning, completely amazing. Can't wait til you post more work - which would be when, exactly?

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What can i say....except....WOW!

Art at its best.