Psyche by ariadne


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Added: Mar 19, 2004
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My soul is painted like the wings on butterflies
Fairytales of yesterday will grow but never die
I can fly, my friend...

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First of all I'd like to say that this is really a gorgeous piece. I love the eyes and the overall use of color is wonderful. The butterflies are great as well. In fact the only thing that slightly irks me is her nose. It just seems sort of flat. But really beautiful.

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...look like a false blonde Wink That's not a bad thing, just a fact.)

And being that I never meant to be rude, there was no need to tell you my name in the first place, right? Wink


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I'm sorry for the misunderstanding in my earlier post - when I said "your hair" and "your" eyebrows I didn't literally mean YOUR hair, as the person who made this beautiful picture. It was rather supposed to be a general statement or a "virtual conversation with the person in the picture" something like that. I'm sorry if it sounded too cynical, I might have been aiming for humorous sarcasm, but there was definately no offense intended.(but you have to admit, the person in the picture does look li

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nice one chloe! glad it got in.

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That really looks good! Great stuff, and congrats! You worked hard and it really has paid off!

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I've followed the thread(Drunk on the message boards of this picture since you've started it, and I've gotta say that it's gone a VERY long way and I'm really glad it got accepted!!! Your hard work has definently paid off!

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Thankyou James. Mesmerizing? Hehe. Nice flattery ^.^

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Thanx Kitty:)
I'm glad it's finally in!

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Yes, 'The Show Must Go On', I'm glad you noticed.
Who's to say I've dyed my hair? Who's to say that's even my hair colour or eyebrow colour irl? While your comment made me laugh, I did find it to be a bit cynical and offensive.
You're obviously not very wordly if you've never seen a picture of a person with dark eyebrows and blonde hair by the way... Nice to see you were brave enough to leave your name.

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Aw! what a wonderful face, Chloe! beautifuly done and those eyes are quite mesmerizing, her features are so good especially her mouth and nose and of course that lovely hair, as for the colour, simply marvellous!......oh nearly forgot the butterflies, excellent!

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I am happy to see the image accepted ^_^ it looks really good Smile so gentle and airy Smile and don't take too close silly comments ^_^

- kitty5

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Another false blonde.. always remember to colour your hair AND your eyebrows...

Art at its best.