Thunderstorm Wizard by j-art

Thunderstorm Wizard

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Artwork Stats
Added: Sep 26, 2003
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Artwork Description

Inspired by a pic from Tony Roberts - just a try to improve skills in digital painting and 3d rendering

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j-art's picture

thanks Rita - at least i hope to improve Wink - thanks...

rita's picture

Uwe, just did coompare this one with you latest one. Isn't it good to see, how you improved? Smile YEAH you did - go on! Good work my friend!

j-art's picture

thanks kirsi - i am glad you like this piece Smile

kizalon's picture

this is just awesome.. it's like the whole scene is alive. Wonderful little details in those vines and stairs. I could watch this forever Smile

j-art's picture

hi lukas Smile - thanks my friend - i also like how it turned out, i really loved playing around with those 3d programms - i really enjoy creating pictures with the computer - the only thing i hate when i do a digital piece is that there is no original, nothing to hang on the wall....

vision's picture

Wonderful one, my dear friend...composition is superb.

j-art's picture

hello marilyn, glad you like this piece, i only hope to achieve so much feeling in my paintings one day as you do, oh, this digital medium is still strange to me, but it is unbelivable fascinating - i am still experimenting, it is always exiting to go new ways --- again thank you for your comment Smile

blueunicorn's picture

The lightning in this one is facinating! This piece feels powerful and reaches out to the viewer. Excellent! I have yet to attempt digital.

j-art's picture

thank you so much ric, glad you like this piece Smile

rquiroz's picture

Ok I just need to say this is an exceptional piece of work. I love the 3d look to it. I find that hard to accomplish with digital painting. This piece is amazing and my hats off to you.

j-art's picture

thank you avi - there is no larger version posted anywhere, the original size of the file is 5196 x 7087 pixels in cmyk mode so the file size is 140,5 mb in tif format - the programs i used to do this are vue poser and painter - all models, stairs and so on are modeled by myself in vue, the wizard is poser placed in vue, than everything postworked in painter - if anyone wants to see a big version of this picture, there will be prints of it soon, just let me know if you are interested Wink

humorix's picture

Awesome pic. Would love to see a larger version if its posted anywhere on the net. Tremendous details and a great composition. What 3D SW did you use?

j-art's picture

oh, you dont know how i whish you were an art-director - loool - thanks for the kind words, much appreciated

Guest's picture

holy!! wow this and your skulls are the most amazing pics i have ever seen

j-art's picture

thanks for the nice comment danny, and hey, keep up your good work Wink

isenho's picture

the high level of details and the extreme intensity of energy makes this a really great painting! Nice man!

j-art's picture

thank you chris

yrindale's picture

You should be very proud of your work, this is incredible. Compositionally this is wonderful, and then even the rendering holds a high value on it. Very dynamic.

j-art's picture

thanks marley - i am also happy with the result - as i discover at the moment the possibilytis of digital painting i experiment with all i can find - just to see what can be done - the technique which i use is not as important for me as the result - so it does no matter to me if i use 2d - 3d or both or digital painting or traditional if the result is ok, thank i am happy with it Wink - for this one i used poser - vue - and sure painter - i also tried to use only 3d, but it always has a cold look , and i am not so happy with the result, so i go and paint it over - but 3d can help by composing the immage as you can do easy changes - and you cant make mistakes with the perspective and lightdirection - so it is not so bad Wink

thrax-1's picture

tis an awesome pic.I have seen this before,(here i might add).i have never used a 3d program did you find it?.This is a really successfull piece you know Wink.

j-art's picture

thanks christopher, was much fun to work on this picture Smile

christar's picture

Great job with lighting, depth, form, and texture, very realistic! Interesting and original setting, and cool alter design. Smile

j-art's picture

thank you so much liptak - a comment from such a talented artist as you are, it means really a lot to me - your gallery is breathtaking - thanks again Smile

mermalior's picture

THIS IS a masterwork Smile

j-art's picture

i thank you so much think your comments made my day - i am so honored - thanks

j-art's picture

thank you so much steve - you know i love your work and i know every little detail of your work , i only hope to achieve your skills one day - thank you so much for your kind comment, it means really a lot to me ----

sferris's picture

Wonderful design and concept.
Stairway, foliage and all elements are fab.


Guest's picture

Once again, marvelous work. It's one of the best I've ever seen. The steps are perfect, the lightning is very realistic, and the pose of the wizard is perfect. Another outstanding piece!

j-art's picture

thanks again james, thank you very much for your kind words, much appreciated

j-art's picture

thanks mark, i´m looking forward to post more Wink

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