Fleshcrawl - Made of Flesh by j-art

Fleshcrawl - Made of Flesh

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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 26, 2003
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Coverartwork for the Band Fleshcrawl --- if someone is interested in death-metal you should have a look at - www.fleshcrawl.de - those guys really rock, the best german death metal band!!!

---- thanks all for the tips in the wip forum - hope it worked to figure out the focus point Smile

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yrindale's picture

Y'know, I used to be very inspired and impressed with your work...infact that is officially now an understatement because this is damn amazing. Great work, I'll have to check out that band. (I may not judge a band by it's coverart often...but it's a good start hehe)

j-art's picture

thanks marley, you are always most welcome - thanks so much for all your support - good to know there are some people out there who like what i do - thanks!

thrax-1's picture

holy moly uwe,incredible digital.You created some wonderfull textures for this image,The composition is great.Fleshcrawl should be really happy with this product Uwe.Its great work Smile.

j-art's picture

hi bill - thank you so much - your comments are always a gift to me - thanks for all your support --- and keep up your excellent work my friend!!!

j-art's picture

hi kay - thanks so much for visiting my little gallery - you know i love your work (someday you have to tell me the secret how you do such masterfully pieces with a mouse?????) - and to this wip forum - - thanks all again who helped so fast to improve this immage - epilogue is a really beautiful place, i would have seen never the mistakes in this piece, it is really great to have some other artists around who can help - thanks again!!!

j-art's picture

hey, thanks so much sean - about the music behind the cover Smile -- ok, maybe the cover is hard - the musik is even harder!!!

j-art's picture

hi ken -- thanks for your comment - i am sure you would do mindblowing jobs if you do some coverart for bands!!!

bcorbett67's picture

This is really great Uwe, and in my mind one of your very best!! This is the kind of subject you really excel with Smile

Guest's picture

Really great. I started to post that in your WIP forum post and then I saw you got it approved. This is outstanding.

pageaxe's picture

Great piece Uwe!No guessing about the type of music behind that cover!Mosh!

kenmeyerjr's picture

Hey, good job...I always wanted to do some work for bands...so far, nothing.

Art at its best.