Fleshcrawl - Made of Flesh - DETAIL by j-art

Fleshcrawl - Made of Flesh - DETAIL

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Added: Jan 07, 2004
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- this is a detail from a earlier posted picture - fleshcrawl - made of flesh - --- always when i downsize a picture to post it online it really scares me each time how much detail get lost - so i thought i post a close up detail of this picture, to make you see how much detail there is really - the whole immage to this picture is already in my gallery, so you can see what got lost - oh, and please let me know if it makes sense to post such details in here :-? have a look at the whole immage too Wink --- http://www.epilogue.net/cgi/database/art/view.pl?id=52234

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Wow, what a comment – thanks so much for the compliment!!!!

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due! this is awsome!I wish i could be that good! keep it up! ive been through most of your work & im just aww struck at your skills!they just seem to take on a life of there own! & if you ever wanna conntact me, email me at this address:
I cant wait to see the rest of your artwork!

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thanks, glad you like it Smile

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yes indeed very teethy. sorry i'm incapable of being more constructive than that but very nice piece of art.

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thanks leo Smile - i just work with big files, so you can put in as much detail as you want - the sad thing is you have to do all the detail, and this mostly take much time - lol -

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Creepy stuff, man. How you get all that grit and depth into a digital image, I'll never figure out.

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hi elisa Smile - glad you like my work - i have to try your tip - thanks!!!! - oh and btw. keep up your good work, i really like your gallery Smile

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I love this piece. try to sharpen the picture before you down size it. that sometimes help. try using a focalblade it is great for geting crispness back.
your work is just..wow...I mean WOW

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hi christiaan, i am also a traditional artist , but i have to say this digital medium is very exiting - i love to experiment with digital - meanwhile i really do more digital than traditional work - maybe this changes some day again, but for now i really love experimenting with the computer, there are endless possibilities - maybe you should give it a try too Wink

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i know nothing about digital artwork but this is interesting to see it at its original work;

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no problem - i only hope it makes some sens what i said, you have to know my english is not what one calls good Laughing out loud - thanks for stoppin by

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And for the link to where the whole image is available...!
Keep up the good work:)

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thanks so much marley - i really put much work in this piece so i thought it would be a good idea to let people see how much detail there is really...

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thanks rebecca - and hey keep up your fantastic work

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first thanks -
next, think you missunderstud something, this is not enlarged, this is the original size in which i did the work, the file is a 5900 x 5900 pixel file, the cmyk file has 133mb -- so this is the original size in which i do my work -- and if i want to post it online i have to downszize the file, i can´t post a 5900 pixel file so i have to reduce it to 600 or even 800 pixel and than the most detail gets lost, just take a look at the whole file : http://www.epilogue.net/cgi/database/art/view.pl?id=52234 --- and look if you can see all the detail on the scull at the whole immage...
so if you do an immage lets say 1000x1000 pixel you can´t ennlarge it to 6000x6000 and get more detail all you get will be pixels - so if you want to have much detail in a picture you have to do it big sized file - as bigger as better - but my puter can´t handle more Sad 6000x6000 is the highest it can handle --
and thanks that you think it makes sense to post a detail Smile

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o yea,bloody nice detail Uwe,I used to post details.It makes much sense to do so if you think the viewer is missing out on much at a small pixel size.And this is usually the case.Lovely detail for the bone!.

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Wow - thanks for posting this...marvelous.

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But still breathtakingly well done! As far as I can tell not too much detail is lost in the process of enlarging the section...
It's even added a ghostlike ambience to the picture, even more so than in the full version.
BTW: what resolution is this picture? 'cause if you can enlarge a picture and still keep this much detail I'm really amazed of how detailed your work is!
As for your last question: It does make sense to post it, it highlights something really remarkable, and I hope people agree with me on that:)

Art at its best.