Dragon Mistress by j-art

Dragon Mistress

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Added: Mar 12, 2004
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- character portrait -

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Hi there, just wanted to tell you how amazing your drawings are... I'm a dane who accidently clicked in on this website in my search for "angels".
Is it possible to hyre you for some work, -I'm writing a book, and would like an awesome cover :)-bet you are vert busy -but just had to ask...

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j-art's picture

thank you so much - that´s all i can say Wink

aranor's picture

Incredible, that's all I can say.

j-art's picture

Smile - hi there - thanks again allison, really much appreciated...

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Dang man... that is ridiculously awesome!! Wonderful work, especially that dragon!!

j-art's picture

oh girl - be sure your wonderful comments leave me more speachless - really don´t know what to say - i really realy thank you a thousend times - i am so glad you like my work.

j-art's picture

hi patrick - thanks for stopping by and leaving this wonderful comment Smile - seems i get more and more familiar with all that digital stuff Smile - hmmm how long - think i worked a week on it, i know i am not the fastest - lol - but as i still have my dayjob (from which i hardly try to break out) there are at least 5 evenings work for this piece (oh, my evenings are always veeery long - i don´t sleep too much, another thing that should change, not really the best for health) - again thanks for taking your time and commenting this piece Smile

megaflow's picture

Great job, Uwe! I really like the skin tones on the woman - lots of different colors including the green reflections... And of course the dragon is superb - well done!! How long did this one take?

j-art's picture

thanks so much jeff - it really makes me happy you like it Smile

thejeff's picture

gogeous colors and fantastic imagery uwe. kudos!

j-art's picture

Smile - hi christiaan - hey dont feel sory that your puter let you only write short sentences - so i got three comments from you - lol - and what a wonderful comment, comming from you it means a lot to me, you know how much i love your art!! - thanks so much!!!

caitmf1's picture

this has got to be one of ur most beautiful and photorealistic paintings ever

caitmf1's picture

sorry my computer wont let me do a long sentence;but i am really jelouse of ur talent;

caitmf1's picture

ok this is just awesome ; the colours u put into the female really make her live; u really are amazing at doing people; a

j-art's picture

thanks dean Smile - yes i like royo, but i like many many artists (most of them i found again here in epilogue Shock - what a wonderful place to be ) - i think all i see inspires me in a way - and if you paint a woman and a monster in a dark mood - people always will say - hey that looks like royo - so it´s a great compliment to me when you say it looks like something royo would paint Smile -- and maybe someday (if i practice a lot and very hard) people will say - hey, that looks like a jarling Smile) - bwahhaha - --- - thanks for the fantastic comment my friend!!!!

sdeanbloom's picture

I know you like Royo, so it'll be a compliment when I say it looks like something he would paint. But I like the female you painted here much more than his women. Great job Uwe!

j-art's picture

thank you terry - and hope to see some more of your marvelous pieces soon Smile

j-art's picture

thanks sean, always a honor to get your comments Smile

frodo's picture

Wow! now this is what I`m talkin about...fantastic Artwork Uwe ...

j-art's picture

hi marylin - thank you so much - i should try such a beautiful unicorn like you do some day Smile

pageaxe's picture

Uwe,that just totally rocks my man!Great piece of work!

blueunicorn's picture

Some pet Uwe! She does seem the perfect mistress for a beast like him though. Her "spikes" rival his teeth! Great work! Excellent lighting too. It's getting harder and harder to pick my favourites from your gallery!

j-art's picture

hey, thanks mark - hehe, isn´t it a nice pet Wink - btw. when do you come up with a new one?

lockett's picture

Beautiful work Uwe, really dynamic and fun. Exceptionally well painted too. Top quality mate.

j-art's picture

hello james - hehe, i have inspired you???? now always i visit your gallery i am inspired by your work - keep up your outstanding work my friend - and thanks for your comment, it means really a lot to me, i really mean it - isn´t it great to see that there are some people out there who like what we do....

j-art's picture

danke alexandra!!!! oh und hab gerade deine gallerie besucht - sehr gute arbeit - gratulation!!

somerset's picture

Fantastic Art, Uwe! Quite masterful in fact, so real and vital...you have me amazed and inspired!

Guest's picture

finally another jarling!

Ich habs schon so oft geschrieben, aber Deine Werke sind immer wieder ein Augenschmaus!

j-art's picture

hi there! - thanks jason i´m glad you like it! just had a look at your gallery - wow - keep up your good work!!!!

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