Keeper of the Hills by j-art

Keeper of the Hills

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Added: Mar 24, 2004
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--- this one is a piece what i call a real mixed medium Smile - started in 1994 or even earlier as a gouache painting - as i liked the figure, i decidet to rework it, to bring it up to date - i reworked it digital with painter - now i´m really happy with the result -
--- have fun, and coments are as always a gift to me ---

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Hello Mr. Brown, a real honor to get such wonderful feedback from you. Yes slowly I get more and more familiar with digital medium, well it is not the same as if you work traditional, you never have an original to hang on the wall, but it is so wonderful exiting to explore the possibilities of digital painting.

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Fantastic picture! I really admire your work, its use of colour, movement, texture and light. I am awestruck by your achievements with the digital medium.

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Thanks for the nice words Tiina, much appreciated - just saw your gallery - keep up your great work too!

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Man, you do the most awesome textures. And you somehow manage to make this sort of thing look easy, when I know I'd be smacking my head agaisn't the wall attempting something of this calibur. Awesome job!

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thanks so much varian - yes, playing around with colors in digital medium is so much fun - and so much easier than in traditional Wink - i'm glad you like the result Smile

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This just popped up in "Pics of the Day." I know I've commented on this elsewhere, but you get to hear from me again now. The COLORS, Uwe! I so love the colors in this piece and how you involved the entire spectrum without overhwhelming the character. Nice, nice, nice! Smile

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yes i love detail - but sometimes it just happens that i get lost in it Smile) - thanks again, you really can´t know how much your comments mean to me...

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Well I am only on my second view of your work and you have blown me away. This is amazing. I could stare at it for hours and will come back and do just that. I love detail and you are masterful at it.

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thanks for the comment patrick - was very interesting to do this one for me, to rework a traditional older piece digital, and i really like the result, maybe i am going to rework some of my older not jet published works too, maybe i find some time to do so Wink -

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Very powerful, and it has a real glow to it. I like how the color scheme changes in different parts of the picture - it sort of goes on a journey of color throughout.

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hi there jeff - thank you so much, such a comment comming from you really means a lot to me - thanks!!!!

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terrific piece uwe! such bold colors and intense energies. brings me back to the dorm room days(well, mostly late nights) with D&D;)

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lol - hi there mel - thanks again for your comment to my keeper Smile - again much appreciated - so cool to see you here in epilogue - oh , btw. here is really a fabulous place to learn - maybe you should try to post some of your stuff here Wink - thanks my friend Smile

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You know what I think?I think I've met this keeper somewhere didn't I?LOL.Maybe just a dream. Smile
I really love it Uwe you're my inspiration exellent as always!

Mel3d Smile

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hehe - lo - you are fantastic - thank you so much you made my day!!!!

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haha yes its really hard, saving dragons from ugly princesses, doing strange delivery quests for lazy kings and so on =)
Anyways, you know I love your "high fantasy" style =)

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hi sean Smile - thanks for stopping by and btw. i fully agree with you - looooooolllll bwahahaha - you are fantastic - thanks for all the steady support my friend

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hi alexandra Smile - thanks and lol - hey without anabolika you are not really succsessfull as an fantasy hero - lol - yes life is hard for heros in our days - looooooool - thank you so much!!

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Great fantasy Uwe,colors are awesome.And by the way fantasy men should be buffed up-lol-:)

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Great Work!- as usuall
*just wonders how much anabolika he had* j/k

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hehe - very macho - this is for sure the best description for this piece - lol - thanks - glad you like it

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hi bill - thanks so much - more? - hehe i´m working on it - now i have to check out your gallery for some new pieces - i´m sure there are some which i missed again...

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oooooooh very macho;) I love this pic, really amazing. keep it up.

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Great fantasy piece Uwe, more if this please Smile

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thanks so much james - i like the colores in this one too - thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Smile

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hey thanks marley Smile - oh and there is more uwe in this piece than you would suggest Smile - i was the model for this piece - lol - i still have the polaroid which i took those days Smile - (to be true i mostly was my own model in early days - now i have poser, which works for me as well as model) ok ok ok, i did some minor touchups by the muscles at this piece Smile) oh, and to be honest i have only two legs not really a complete horsebody - loool - thanks for your always wonderful comments my friend!!!!

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thanks stan Smile - hmmm maybe one day my pieces will have a uwe feel to it - bwahahaha - meanwhile i am really more han honored when people say - hey this looks like boris or royo or....... - but i have a long long way to go till i even could think about to compare with this great masters - thanks stan Smile

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Fantastic painting, Uwe! such a vivid and dramatic character, the realism in your work always amazes me! your colours are just out of this world!

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wohooo great work uwe,yea you seem to emulate the masters with ease aswell as injecting a bit Uwe into the piece too.GREAT work!.

Art at its best.