Ambitious Sellsword by j-art

Ambitious Sellsword

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Artwork Stats
Added: Apr 16, 2004
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this one was done for the upcoming "Game of thrones" CCG set called "A Crown of Suns" if you are interested you can see the finished card at the card of the week section by fantasy flight folowing this link Smile ---

folowing this link you can see the sketch Smile

--- comments are as always a gift to me Smile ---

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First let me thank you for your encouraging words about my work. But I can't give you permission to use it for anything as this picture is copyright by Fantasy Flight Games.

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The best work I have ever seen My I have your premission to use it as my bio on my char. in the game Fallen sword where thousands will see it. I have seen nonbetter to depick the battle of warriors. U captured the true feeling. I will read later for your thought.

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Thank you so much!!!

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frikin awsome!i cannot describe any thing to this image! awsome!D-:-D

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thank you so much bill, i am totally flattered - i whish i were there - but than i have a look at a piece of donato or lockwood and co. and belive me this is the moment when i exactly know where i am and how far i have to go - lol - but i really try to get better Smile

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That's really cool Uwe, love the detail you've put into the costumes. I agree with James - up there with the best!

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ohhhhhhh james, i have to learn sooooo much - but i love your comment Smile - can´t thank you enough for that!!!!!!

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yeah i agree - a great feeling - but what makes me really feel great are comments like this one - i am so glad to found epilogue and be under all the talented artists in here - many of them, including you, are my idols since a long time - never thought i ever could speak to you, you all were kind of unreachable for me - so to be here is like a dream to me, even more when i hear you like what i do - god save the internet, what a fantastic thing - without it things like this were unthinkable - thanks so much for stopping by...

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Cracking stuff, Uwe! you are up there with the best, my son!

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OMG Uwe...this is amazing. I love your detail... lighting and costuming. Thank you so much for commenting in my gallery. I had not seen your work yet. Now I am off to have a great time looking at all of them.
Congrats on the Card of the week. I had one one week and I know how great it feels.

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thank you jessey - just visited your gallery - wow really great stuff there, keep up your wonderful work!!!

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thanks sean - always great to get your feedback - thanks a lot!!!

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The armory detail is immaculate. Gorgeous peice.

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Well done Uwe,as usuall! Great job with textures and lighting.Just a great piece!

Art at its best.