Watchers of Ten Towers by j-art

Watchers of Ten Towers

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Added: Apr 30, 2004
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another card art for game of thrones

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Wow, what a wonderful comment! You definitely made my day, thanks so much!

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What really strikes me with this drawing is how the knights seem to almost step out of it. It is truly alive and there is something going on everywhere.
The thing I like most though is that it feels like I am rushing towards the troops myself. You leave an opening in the middle and I can almost see "my allies" clash into the men just outside the painting, while I come charging right into the middle. The knight raising the twohanded sword over his shoulder there in the middle is raising it for me.

It's hard to explain in words. I wish I could explain it in art as you do, but I unfortunately lack the skill.

Anyhow, a truly magnificent piece of art. You have captured the epic moment, truly impressive.

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Thanks again for your critique guest – it is a mountain (at least it shall be) – I’ll try to do my best in future to take more care about things like that...

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Looks cool, but is that smoke or a mountain on the background?

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thanks Holger - much appreciated...

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This work is really stunning! I like the scope it conveys along with its brown tones and red stains of blood. The armored soldiers at some places look more like marionettes which disconnects them from the cruel work do but only leaves undirected chaos.

Great piece, Uwe!

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thank you - glad you like it Smile

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really great peice; uve dont alot of work recently ; sorry havent beeen here in ages; its like a scene from a film; very chaotic and i like the blurriness of it

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thanks bill, glad you like it Smile

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Very nice dramatic piece Uwe, thumbs up!

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hi there sean Smile - man your comments always make my day - thanks so much - hmmm - i whish i could paint 24 houres a day - but sadly i can´t - i have to do my dayjob to be able to pay all the things which needs to be payd Sad - so i got only time to paint in the evening and at weekend - but i sleep mostly not more than 3 houres a day (which somday have to change) to get all the work done - and yes i have also 5 unfinished pieces laying around here - and so much things in mind which needs to be done - and sooooooooooo less time - sometimes it´s really cruel to be an artist, don´t you think? Wink time is my greatest enemy...

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thank you stan - currently looking forward to do some traditional pieces again Smile - would be cool to hear your opinion to them too - if i ever get them finished - lol - would mean much to me to hear what you think as you are a master of traditional medium Smile

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thanks so much scott - i´m glad you like it Smile

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Wow! There is so much to look at,all the great detail.You must draw and paint 24 hours a day,cause you sure are putting out a lot of great pieces.I'm lucky to get a couple of hours a day-which is why I have 6 new comepletly unfinished pieces laying around-heheheh

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Uwe, wonderful job on a very, very complex piece.

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Great work as always Uwe! That castle is really majestic. I like the action of all the charging warriors too. Nice Job! Smile

Art at its best.