By Force of Surprise by j-art

By Force of Surprise

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Added: May 08, 2004
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anotherone for the ccg "game of thrones"...

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cherrykye's picture

wow really love this picture its amazing.

Guest's picture

This really gives a perfect sense of being in the middle of a sneak attack!

j-art's picture

thanks again guest, oh yes i exactely know about my problem to paint horses much to small - in the next piece with a horse, that mistake will not happen again!

Guest's picture

I think the horse is anatomically inconsistent. If you stand the knight next to the horse, He'd be as tall as the horse from head to hooves. Or the other way around.

j-art's picture

thanks so much john - i love your work, you have an outstanding gallery!!!

jeshannon's picture

I love all your art ! especially the digital, its so painterly in style and has great action and movement, a skill I sadly have yet to learn, really fantastic.

j-art's picture

thanks christiaan - glad to hear you like this piece Smile

caitmf1's picture

just love the action in here uwe; horses are very hard to do but uve done a grand job and the dynamism is wonderfully captured:

j-art's picture

hi bill, first i had to work on saturday Sad -- so i can´t make it to our meeting Sad -- i hate when such things happen - i was so exitet to meet you in person - but there will be another time and things will work Smile - thanks for the comment - now i have to check out your gallery Smile

bcorbett67's picture

Whoa! Uwe! great action piece!! I didn't realise we posted on the same day Laughing out loud

j-art's picture

thanks patrick, much appreciated Smile

megaflow's picture

Very powerful work, Uwe - packed full of action! Smile

j-art's picture

thanks sean, always a honor when you visit my little gallery - hope to see a new one from you soon too Wink

j-art's picture

thank ou so much marley - now i am just nosy what you mean to my newest piece, an angel - think with it i achieved half what i want to achieve with digital medium Smile - hope you find the time to have a look at it too Wink --- thanks for all your support my friend

j-art's picture

hey thanks, this was what i wanted to achieve with this piece, good to hear it worked somehow Smile

j-art's picture

thank you so much james your comments mean so much to me!

j-art's picture

hi mel - always great to hear from you Smile - sitll waiting for one of your pieces in this gallery - think your latest works will be sure aproved Wink

pageaxe's picture

Quite a difficult angle,you pulled it off really well!Great action,colors and texture.I really enjoy your work Uwe!

thrax-1's picture

jeez thats a stunning effort Uwe!.Everything from how your world looks very 3 dimensional and detailed to the colours scheme. This is definately my favourite now (i must have said that a few times...but hey its relevant for now!).Awesome effort!

sdavis123061's picture

Great action Uwe, love that blurred effect. Really a dramatic pose for the rider as well, you really get the impreesion that things are about to happen. Nice work as usual! Smile

somerset's picture

Brilliant, Uwe! marvellously dramatic, love the flashing blade and warrior, the movement in both man and horse are realised perfectly, your colours are as usual vividly eyecatching! BEAUTIFUL!

mel3d's picture

Hi Uwe this is wonderful!
the colors are just perfect as always Smile

Art at its best.