Wild Hare by j-art

Wild Hare

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Added: May 21, 2004
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another game ot thrones ccg piece - hope you like it Smile

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Thanks, glad you like it Smile

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well i think its cool to look at

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Thanks again for your critique – I’ll keep that in mind, and try to do better in future...

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The picture is a little flat. The arm of the boy doesn't show any perspective. From my point of view, it looks like his arms are short and unproportional.

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thanks Rita for your always encouraging words, means really a lot to me...

rita's picture

Hallo Uwe, also wie du diese "Kälte" gemalt hast ist schon genial ! The knight in the background gives the painting a special touch!

j-art's picture

Thanks for stopping by – and thousand thanks for the comment – coming from you it really means a lot, you know I know your work and your illustrations about Martin’s books are just superb – thank you!

goldseven's picture

This really captures the atmosphere of Martin's books! Cold and realistic. Wonderful stuff!

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hi jade Smile - thanks for your comment i am glad you like the piece Smile - no it is not an elf boy - here is the artdescription i got to this one:
"Wild Hares is a bunch of Stark-aligned house kids running around on horseback pretending to be knights and having a wonderful time. I only need you to paint one of these kids."
the knight in the back should show what the young boy pretends to be one day - so at least the knight in the back should only be the boys fantasy, that what he wants to be - a knight -
i really like your thoughts about this piece, it is wonderful when people go in a piece and try to find a story - thanks for having a deeper look at my work - you made my day!!!!!!

goblinfiesta's picture

I like this one a lot!! Such movement in the painting--makes me feel like the young --is it an Elf boy? is going to jump right out of it. The contrast between the warm and icy colors is excellent--while the misty figure behind has a very determined expression on his face--as if it's very important for him to catch up with the boy/elf. Did the elf steal something from him, you think? ;-)Really like this piece! Thanks for sharing your wonderul art!

j-art's picture

thank you so much james, you know how much i love your art (and i really mean that), so such comliments comming from you mean so much to me - thanks my friend....

somerset's picture

Not many people can capture movement like you, Uwe! the boy is brilliant and the wolf in mid-leap is so convincing, you never seem to cut corners with your backgrounds, such marvellous details! another triumph!

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hi bill Smile - thanks for the comment, good to have you back here Smile

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Nice to see you doing the ccg work Uwe - keep it up Smile

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wow- thanks jeff - i hope they think the same, it is so much fun doing the cards, i whish i had more time doing them, but i still need my dayjob to be able to pay all my bills, life is not cheap if you have 4 mouth to feed Smile, so time is my biggest problem at the moment.

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you are just what g.o.t. is looking for. i am sure they are happy. great stuff uwe.

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thanks again rebecca - and keep up your fantastic work!!!!!!

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Absolutely wonderful piece, Uwe! The motion is just fabulous.

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mel it is just fantastic for me to see how fast you get better and better, i can see how hard you work to become a better artist, i just don´t want to miss the day when you are one of the best!!! - thanks for all your support my dear friend...

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I've the same question in my mind that Cara at each pics I post.(don't answer please)LOL.wow Uwe this peice is so wonderful too!I always love when you do 2 scene in one like this!Congrats again.

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Smile - cause i loved what i saw in your gallery - really damn good creature designs - thanks so much for your comment, much appreciated.

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Wow! How did an artist of your caliber wind up at my gallery? Thanks so much for the comment, at any rate. Smile Your work is lovely--very textured and with great depth. You paint humans very very well: one of the toughest things to do in fantasy art, methinks.

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hi christiaan - uh - i hope they are happy to have me onboard, cause it is really much fun to do the cards, i only whish i had more time to do the pieces...

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thanks scott - yes i wanted to create two seperate scenes in one picture - so the front shows the young boy as he is now and the knight in the back shall show what the young boy pretends to be one day - hope it turned out in this direction somehow Smile

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nice new works u got up uwe; game of thrones must be happy to have u on board; i see uve really got some varied new works up; this being one of them;

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Another very interesting piece Uwe. Lots of action in this one and I like all the detail in the background. I like how you used the warmer colors for the foreground figure contrasted against all those cool background colors, it creates a nice separation of the two but still ties the scene all together. Nice work Uwe.

Art at its best.