Last Heroes by j-art

Last Heroes

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Added: Jul 10, 2004
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In a time when men were real men, heroes were real heroes and scaly big dragons of middleearth were real scaly big dragons of middleearth Wink

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j-art's picture

hi there - thanks for the comment - yeah, the good old manowar covers, i love them all... thanks again Alex, your comments are always much appreciated!

Guest's picture

Great work here Uwe! I love all the details, the frame and your choice of colors.
I hope you dont mind when I say that now but... I´m sure Manowar would have loved that *duck* well hey I always loved those heroic Cd Covers *grin*


j-art's picture

thanks christopher, good to see you back - and thanks for taking your time stopping by at my little gallery Smile

christar's picture

I don't have a lot of time to comment, so I just want to say that I love the colors, details, and border design of this image. Super work!!

j-art's picture

damn a german band!!! - and i don´t know them - shame on me Sad -- i will definatley look for one of their albums Smile -- and keep up your good work ....

daniela's picture

yes Uwe, Blind Guardian is German power metal band and they have the best covers for their cds! I imediately started to sing one of their songs when I saw your images! and thank you for commenting one of my drawings.

j-art's picture

i don´t know "blind guardians“ but i googled a little and found a band with the name - if you think my art reminds you at the coverart that i saw there - i feel more than honored!!!! - thanks so much Smile

daniela's picture

your art reminds me some Blind Guardian's cover art. and I like it a lot.

j-art's picture

thank you marisa - what a wonderful comment - i am honored - thanks!

darksarcasm8's picture

It amazing how this one piece reflects so many different skills... From realism to decorative... wonderfully executed overall... I am in love with the colour pallette... and those skulls forming the mountain are so way badass! Nice=)

j-art's picture

hi bill, good to have you back again my friend - thanks so uch for stopping by Smile

bcorbett67's picture

Superb border Uwe, but the castle is the winner for me Smile

j-art's picture

hi marley - i am really glad you like this one - seems the border was not a too bad idea Smile - thanks for having a look and leaving this wonderful comment my friend!

thrax-1's picture

Wow! that border is a marvelous creation. Awesome colour palette for sure, i love the green personally!. My new favourite in your gallery now!. Great work Uwe!

j-art's picture

what a wonderful comment - thank you so much jessey... i feel honored...

j-art's picture

hehe - seems you are the first who recogniced douglas adams in my little "art descrition" - lol - and no it is not the cover of a rpg book or something, just did it for my own pleasure - --- about the border design Smile - as i am a designer by day and a painter by night, i just combined the two things and voila - that´s the result - and to be true, i really like the result - so i am glad to hear you like it too Smile - thanks!!!

gyrfalcontg's picture

Hee hee... long live Douglas Adams... Uwe, the border on this is simply fantastic. Looks like it ought to be the cover of a RPG book. It always astounds me when people come up with design work like that for borders... whenever I try it just looks like some stupid squiggles. ;p Brilliant colors too... love em! Laughing out loud

malyce's picture

True fantasy through and through. Wonderful work and splendid detail, the bordering is a grand touch to this style of Science Fiction Art.

j-art's picture

thanks for your comment tom, much appreciated - i really loved to work on this piece...

j-art's picture

thank you scott - this picture just doesn´t seem to look finished as it was finished, so i decided to do this border and i am very pleased with the result - so i am really happy that you like the piece, and recogniced the little details in it - thanks for your wonderful comment my friend...

j-art's picture

thanks so so much james - your comments are always a gift to me Smile

j-art's picture

thanks jen glad you like it Smile

portalrun's picture

Great image! Excellent frame work..

sdavis123061's picture

Wow Uwe, you've really outdone yourself this time. I think this is one of your best pieces. The intricate detail in the relief work on that border is excellent. I also like how the entire piece has that green/yellow hue to it. The figure and dragon are very well rendered and I like those rocks that resemble skulls leading up to the castle. Fine work, as usual Uwe!

somerset's picture

Another triumph, Uwe! your details are fantastic, the border is a beautiful touch and I gotta say those colours are quite amazing, splendid!

jenr8r's picture

nice! Love that border! Smile

Art at its best.