Bloodlust by j-art


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Artwork Stats
Added: Jul 18, 2004
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i was not sure if i should post this piece of horror, but hey, it was the artdirectors idea Wink - cover for a video...

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Hey I was wondering if you would like to sell this piece or at least the right to use it to my band...I will check back in a couple days to see what you say.

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my hearts beating fast!it looks real,great one.

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Haha, maybe nice isn't the right word, but I'm glad you like this piece. Thanks for commenting Smile

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Wow... grusome and awesome, quite realistic, and LOVE the colors and shading... *shivers* nice. two thumbs up.

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Haha , grat comment - thanks! Well this is definitly the most cruel piece i ever did, to be true, somehow it was much fun to do Wink

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this makes me wanna throw up, pretty cool lol. looks like when the doctor ate Jason's brain and Jason took over the guy's body on the last friday the 13th

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This is the worst peice of SH*T i have ever had the displeasure of veiwing.

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hi bill, nice to hear from you again - man you have some outstanding suff in your gallery lately - glad you like this little piece of horror - thanks for the comment my friend!

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I must have missed this one Uwe! Great stuff as ever, the whole rendering looks extreamly professional and well done to me Smile

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thanks ed Smile - not really my favourite subject matter but if i get a comission in the horror genere i really enjoy doing them Wink - thanks for stopping by, i really enjoyed your latest card art pieces - great stuff!!!!

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nice use of color, nice rendering. Very intriguing.

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hi chris - thanks so much for your comment - haha, oh my god i am by far not fast, i really think i am one of the slowest painters on earth - lol - so dont worry - this is an older piece, btw. one of my very first digital ones - my latest work is the - last heroes - piece - i am just currently working to get all my pieces together to collect them on my homepage(if the page may ever be finished) - however while collecting all the pieces i find one from time to time that i think i could post - this one i posted, cause this is definately the hardest most gory piece i ever did - so you see i am not as fast as it seems Wink

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Dame Uwe, that's wonderfully a morbid sort of way Wink. Just curious, how fast do you do these pics? You seem to update pretty often, or at least whenever I look hehehe

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hi marley - thanks for the comment - hmmm how the movie was called - ---surprise Laughing out loud - it was called - bloodlust Wink -- did not see the movie myself, as i did many of those horror movies - be sure it was one of those splatter pieces -

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gawd, what was the movie called??? heh, damb pg13 movies these days Uwe Tongue. Very good work on the gore factor!.

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thanks scott, you know your comments are always a gift to me Smile

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Great color work in this one Uwe, and I really like that rising steam effect. Very well rendered hands with really good flesh tones also. Very good!

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hi rebecca - thanks for stopping by and thanks for the comment - isn´t it a nice piece - ewwwwwwwwwww - hehe -

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hi there! nice to see you here - thanks for commenting Smile - oh, the model (heart) was me, the hands are my exwife Wink - lol -

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Ewww, fantastic! Haha! Very cool work, Uwe!

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Gruesome, yet engaging. Who was your unfortunate model? *grin*

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hi james - thanks for the comment - i was not sure if i should upload this piece, it is really a very gruesome and gorey immage - but i like how it turned out - but really this is definately the hardest horror piece i ever did Smile)

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thanks for your coment rita - much appreciated

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Yuk! heh what a lovely gruesome image, Uwe! I agree with Rita the hands are marvellous! excellent realism!

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Hi Uwe,
the hands are great! so the rest. Love the change from blue to red. Also how it seems, that the heart is still warm (damping?)
And it looks, there is a closed eye just in the middle of the heard, which is crying (maybe its just my imaginagion?) Cool stuff Uwe!

Art at its best.