Iron Blockade by j-art

Iron Blockade

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Added: Sep 11, 2004
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Cardart for A Game of Thrones...

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Guest's picture

I Love this painting, what specifically caught my eye was how you used tone to center our eyes on the sail of the ship.

j-art's picture

Hey, thanks J.P. glad you like it, you know how much your opinion mean to me.

vengince's picture

truly a powerful piece Uwe, very epic in concept and dramatics.

j-art's picture

Thanks for the compliment John – as for the detail I can only give the compliment back, your card art is really wonderful – I still have to learn a lot to get the right feeling for those “little” illustrations. And what I really love about your art is that you really know about those games, you exactly know what you do and what the gamers want!
Thanks for your visit in my gallery and keep up your great stuff!!!

johng's picture

The first time I saw this art was on the actual game. I thought it had an amazing amount of detail even when it was scaled down to a 2x1.5 inch card. To find out that the original art has even MORE detail...what can I say other than you just raised the bar for the rest of us. Keep up the great work!

j-art's picture

what a great compliment - thanks so much - i whish i would be as good, but i better keep learning Wink

thejeff's picture

uwe, i bet if i picked up a set of those cards yours would stand out as among the most dramatic and compelling. rocking!

j-art's picture

Thanks Liptak!

mermalior's picture


j-art's picture

hey, Sean - nice too see you again - hehe - busy man?, hmmm lets see - from 8am to 7pm - day job -- than painting till morning at least 4am - a few hours sleep - back to work - if that’s what one calls busy, yes, than one can say I am a busy man lately Wink - I just wonder how long I will be able to make it this way Wink --- I mean some sleep here and there would be not too bad - hehe - thanks for visiting my gallery pal - hope to see something new from you too soon!

pageaxe's picture

Wow! Thats pretty cool Uwe! Looks like you have been a busy man lately.I really like the water in the foreground,really nice!

j-art's picture

Hello Rita - thaaaanks!!!! cool that you mentioned it, and i am sooo happy that one can see what i want to achieve one day - i still try to give my digital ones the look of a traditional painting, and i think with this one i came one step closer - i mean i really love the digital medium, but it is always soooo clean - my goal would be to do digital paintings which look exactely like my traditional ones - hope it will work one day - till than i try try try...

j-art's picture

Thanks Scott - think this will be the way to go for me in my further digital painting, cause this is the first i am happy how the brushstrokes turned out, the first which halfway has the feel of a traditional painting - still a long way to go i fear ...

j-art's picture

Hi Varian, thank you so much for your steady support - i am also happy with this result here - i just whish one would have more than two days to finish such a card art piece....

j-art's picture

Thanks May-Lin, glad you like it and keep up your wonderful work!!!

j-art's picture

hi Bill, thanks for stopping by - i am really happy with this one ...

j-art's picture

Thanks James - you know your comments are always a gift to me!

j-art's picture

Thanks so much Simon - means a lot to me...

rita's picture

Uwe, very fascinating again. The colors are absoultly stunning! Thought it is oil. Cool man Smile

sdavis123061's picture

This one has it all Uwe. Beautiful color, solid rendering, nice composition. You've painted those ocean waves perfectly, and the distant flames on the other ships is very realistic as well. Fine work Uwe! Smile

varian's picture

The colors, the colors, the colors! They make this so compelling. That ship is simply brilliant, and I love the way you've done the waves of the water!

djinn's picture

Wonderful. I love the different textures and effects.

bcorbett67's picture

Excellent work Uwe! Brilliant details and great touches all round.

somerset's picture

Excellent yet again, Uwe! such a beautifully dramatic scene!

Guest's picture

The flames look very convincing - I can't paint fire to save my life. And that figurehead is excellent.

Art at its best.