Smooth Sailing by j-art

Smooth Sailing

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Added: Sep 11, 2004
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Cardart for A Game of Thrones

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j-art's picture

Well not sure how long the highlightening took, but I know I did too much as it was just done for a little card art piece Smile. However I think the whole thing took me three evenings.

Guest's picture

wow a great piece of art.
your water work is astounding th lighting is done well on each wave....
how long did the hilighting take?

j-art's picture

Thanks guest, glad you like it Smile

Guest's picture

I love boats!So lifelike!

j-art's picture

Hello again guest – so many questions and I don’t even know who you are Wink hehe – there is land in front of them, that’s why the water is so green – think that’s what you wanted to know

Guest's picture

Are they on a shallow weedy water on the foreground. are those weeds beneath the sea?

j-art's picture

Thanks again Mel for all your wonderful support - means really a lot to me - sorry for the late reply, but things are very turbulent at the moment Wink

mel3d's picture

Hi Uwe I Think I've missed that piece.I really love the color you have used.again the detail are perfect!Smile

j-art's picture

thanks jeff - much appreciated - now if i can inspire anyone - wow - no bigger compliment i could get - thanks!

jeffdurham's picture

Another water compliment here. Absolutely terrific!There's also a lesson in lighting in this that has inspired me a bit.

j-art's picture

thanks so much jeff, i really feel honored...

thejeff's picture

uwe, your colors and composition skills are blowing me away!

j-art's picture

Thanks Rita - i just love your comments Wink

j-art's picture

Thanks Scott - thanks for your steady support my friend!!!

j-art's picture

Thanks my friend your comments means a lot to me!!!!

j-art's picture

Thanks Roger - much appreciated

j-art's picture

Thanks Bill - yes i love to do them - but the deadlines are always scary - i always would need more time to finish the pieces the way i want to...

j-art's picture

Thanks again James, glad you like it..

j-art's picture

Thanks again Simon - glad you like it - i am not completely happy with it cause it is always the same - i do a sketch which is just much to complex for a card art piece and than i get in trouble cause i just have too less time to finish it the way i want - so i am really glad you like it...

rita's picture

Oops. sorry. Love the water and how it gets lighter far away!

rita's picture
sdavis123061's picture

I echo the other comments about the water. The ships and the figures are very well done as well. Again, you have nice composition. Well done Uwe.

varian's picture

Excellent water, wonderful light. Such a very complex scene, very well done!

turtle's picture

The tones you used on the water are totally awesome.

bcorbett67's picture

Great scene this one Uwe, you're really going for it with these 'Game of throne' pics.

somerset's picture

What a marvellous scene, Uwe! beautiful work on the water, the colours fairly sparkle!

Guest's picture

This one caught my eye straight away. Great job on the water - what detail!

Art at its best.