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A Better Place

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Added: Sep 14, 2004
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“Make this World a better place to be –
Change it now, before it is too late!!! Change it now!!!”
That’s the refrain of a song called “A Better Place” and also the title of Area-M’s album.
It was a very exiting job to do this cover…

The idea behind the illustration was, --- what if it’s too late, what if we didn’t change anything, what if there’s no hope anymore?
--- a big burning destroyed city, a apocalyptic scene, burning sky --- scared, broken-hearted people fleeing from the past, owning just what they are able to carry with them, finding just more destruction, death and hopelessness --- scavengers awaiting their meal… no future…
A child, looking back the past, consoled by his mother, knowing there’s no hope for a better tomorrow… resignation… time to say good bye to mother earth…

Change it NOW!!! Before it’s too late!!!

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Guest's picture

This image or drawing is wat i see of the world i see the city burning!!!! demons, LUCIFER'S army of darkness taking over the inocent spilling their blood forcing them to believe that theres no god and that he is the only way out. I love this picture THAT IS A BETTER PLACE!!!!!! we are not too far from this revelation its coming soon and LUCIFER will rule for a million years

j-art's picture

Glad you like it as it is one of my more complex pictures. Thanks for the comments, much appreciated Smile

Guest's picture

i think it's amazing... and realistic

j-art's picture

Yes I am really busy the last two or three years, trying to learn to paint on the computer, being a traditional artist it was a bit strange to paint digital, but I can say I really fell in love with it, still have to learn a lot but slowly I really get familiar with all thos fabulous digital painting tools Wink

Guest's picture

Awesome . Going to have to ask for this one for my site and some others will mail you later , keep up the good work and get some sleep you you seem to be busier than me (I didn't think it was possible) ...............
Love your work.

Guest's picture

This is absolutely fantastic, I love it.....(Ambercatzz)

j-art's picture

thanks Dennis - i'm glad you think so Smile

lukecage's picture

this is realy good !! great work of art !

j-art's picture

Hey, my friend! – yes a long time nothing heard from you – thanks for the compliment, you know how much it means coming from you! – bwahhaha – children-book illustration – not long ago I promised I never do children’s stuff again, cause I just did it too long, now guess what I am currently working on – lol – yes right – a children-book – lol – the author is such a nice women I couldn’t say no, so I do it again Wink – and hey, it’s fun (and not to forget, my daughter forced me to do it Wink – hehe) – so good to hear from you again – would love to see some of your children illus, maybe you can sent me some via e-mail? ---
Take care my friend, and I hope to see some fantasy stuff from you soon Wink

Guest's picture

hey uwe, this is chris iken, sorry i hqvent been online for so long, been doing childrens books illustrations so i didnt post anything for ages, but wow ur new work really is classy, i cant beleive how vast this painting is andhow beautifully balanced uve made it, i really hope that u have a book comming out soon because ur work really is really beautiful

j-art's picture

Thanks Jan - means a lot comming from you!

patrik's picture

Imposing composition

j-art's picture

Thanks Mark, such a compliment comming from you means really a lot to me - THANKS mate!

lockett's picture

This is great work, fantastic depth and detail here Uwe. Your use of colour is exceptionaly skillful too. Top quality work.

j-art's picture

Jessey - your kind words are much appreciated! - thanks you so much - now i am literally speechless...
keeep up your wonderful work too...

malyce's picture

Stunning! The use of color is superb, the lighting, the details, the entire peice is magnificient. I'm literally speachless. You're an inspiration to us all Uwe! Beautiful work.

j-art's picture

Hi Chris! If --- if I can really be inspirational for someone – than all the hard work is worth it!! – and yes, I always try to be modest in my commentary cause all, and I mean all people that spend their life doing art, trying to grow as an artist all those people deserve the highest respect one can give them! – doing art is so time-consuming, your girlfriend or wife will know that, and it needs so much passion, so much hard work – no matter if one is a top notch artist or a beginner - they all deserve my deepest respect!
Thanks so much for your wonderful comment Chris – this is what makes me going on – you really can’t know how much it means to me --- THANKS!!!!

j-art's picture

Thanks so much Scott – same here – if this is your personal “Pick” – it means as much to me as a Pick an editor did – oh man, such comments are just mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. fine Wink - - thanks so much means more to me than all money on earth can buy!
(not that an “Editors Pick” would mean nothing to me – I would do the crazy dance if I ever get one – lol – and I mean the really big crazy dance!!!!) – and sorry that I cant write a longer answer, but that’s just due to the fact that I currently do the “crazy dance” cause of your comment Wink

j-art's picture

Hi pal – thanks for stopping by, glad you like this one and no problem if you missed some of my stuff, I always miss to much stuff from my favourite artists – I just have to less time to comment to much – hope that will change someday – thanks for the comment my friend!

j-art's picture

Wow – thanks – I don’t know if this should have been an editors pick – at least it is not, I for me am happy enough to get accepted here in epilogue – I have to learn a lot, but I am willing to learn and to grow as an artist, so I steady give myself a little higher goals – step by step – and maybe someday my work will be good enough to get such a honour like an editors pick or things like that…
At least this piece got your personal “Pick”, and that means as much to me as to get one from an editor – So thank you Guest, who ever you are – I really feel honoured!

j-art's picture

Thanks Dominic, much appreciated coming from you – you know I love your work!

j-art's picture

Hello Varian – needless to say that you all-time support means the whole world to me!! Thanks so much my friend! – btw. The band is always on search for lyrics, and it seems you are damn good at it – just drop me a mail and I get you in contact with them Wink – the lyrics I wrote under the piece was just the description I got to the job – as the band is very happy with the result I think I got half way what they wanted – at least I hope so ;-)…

j-art's picture

Thanks James – you know for the ravens (ok, they are just some details in here) I took your latest piece as reference Wink – thanks Smile --- thanks for your kind words…

yrindale's picture

Uwe, I do hope you know how inspirational you are to us all! You're always so modest and kind, and always helping support everyone else, but let it be known that we are very thankful for what you bring to this community - and this image is no exception. I Love the color usage!

sdavis123061's picture

This definitely should have gotten an Editor's Pick. The fact that it didn't just astounds me. Great detail, composition, rendering and color work Uwe, not to meantion the drama of the scene and the idea behind it. One of your strongest pieces yet by far my friend. Fantastic work Uwe!

Guest's picture

Too much work went into this not to be editor's choice. Thumbs way up in my book Uwe.

thrax-1's picture

Dang UWE! that is just stunning work!. Absolutely love the "apocolyptic" explosion Tongue. The foreground detail just rocks my boat!. Excellent and thanks for the comment on my work.(it seems i missed quite a bit of yours)

Guest's picture

Very grand in scale and also in technique. Excellent all round, IMO your best yet.

varian's picture

Perhaps it is redundant to say, but this image is so apocalyptic! The scale is incredibly epic. The colors are so deep and intense. You really outdid yourself, Uwe! This one keeps making me think of lyrics (as I posted elsewhere), so here are some more: ~"Reach out and touch somebody's hand. Make this world a better place if you can."~

somerset's picture

INCREDIBLE! stunning work as always, Uwe! the four horse-men effect is beautifully achieved, such a myraid of amazing details, this is totally awesome!

Art at its best.