Godzilla vs Guerra by j-art

Godzilla vs Guerra

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Artwork Stats
Added: Nov 24, 2004
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Again a cover illustration for a video – the client wanted a more “modern” looking Godzilla. Personally I love the original look of the old Godzilla movies.

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j-art's picture

Hey, thanks Adrian - your stuff really rocks!!!!!!

hexodus's picture

Wow, I love the action and it's "firecy" atmospher!

j-art's picture

Haha – James be sure I noticed the fact, I mean I work in this business some years now – lol – hey that’s what it’s all about – I mean one sure can say " never charge a book by it’s cover” – but I think we know it better – the cover is what sells a product --- it’s all just advertising Wink
--- thanks so much for your always wonderful comments!

j-art's picture

now i'm blushing - thanks so much my friend!!!!!

somerset's picture

Have you ever notice how the films never seem to look as good as the posters, Uwe? heh I would probably buy this one, chuck the movie out and frame the box! Fantastic work my friend, dramatic and explosive! you are an amazing talent!

rita's picture

Uwe! I wouldnt comment, if your work wouldnt be SO DARN GOOD! So, you deserve every single comment!

j-art's picture

thanks simon - always great to read your comments!
but hey you should see my working place, than you would know what really is a mess Wink -
when it comes to making a mess good old godzilla is a real lamb against me - hehe -

j-art's picture

hehe - yes godzilla forever Smile -- thanks for stopping by chris - alwas a pleasure to see you here Smile

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thank you so much Rita for your steady support! really always when i upload a new piece i can't wait to see your comment Smile - i am not sure if i realy deserve all your support but i really helps trying to get a little better with each new piece! THANKS! and keep up your wonderful work too!

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thanks chris - this one was an older piece i did some while back - one of my first digital pieces ever - as i liked it somehow i thought i spend an evening testing some new brushes i created in painter - now it is a little more up to date - hope to upload some really new pieces soon Wink
thanks for stopping by, always nice to see you in my gallery....

Guest's picture

Nice job, Uwe, I particularly like the smoke and flames - great effect. But they do make a mess, though, these big lizards, they should relax a bit...

Guest's picture

All hail the God of nuclear fire! Godzilla forever!!!

rita's picture

UWE, what a stunning work! I like especially how you lightend the painting up with all that flames. You can almost see the heat! Glad, this happens not in my town *lol* Good work - as always!

yrindale's picture

And here I begin my nostalgia trip ^_^. I really really like this, I grew up on Godzilla, Gamera, and all of them good ol monster flicks. I do prefer the older Godzilla but hey, a giant lizard is a giant lizard in my book Smile

Art at its best.