Demon Wizard by j-art

Demon Wizard

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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 27, 2005
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The “Demon Wizard” is a reworked version of my Thunderstorm Wizard which I mostly did using 3d applications, now this version is a completely repainted version, added another (more Gandalf like) wizard and the demon fighting the thorns. I think now the piece is much more storytelling which is at least a thing I want to achieve with my illustrations.
I did this for fun and to relax a little from my other commission work – hope you like it Wink

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Guest's picture

wow dud is me again lol wow that picture must of took you like 3 hours or something because i would never wiull get to do that because im 11 onless someone teaches me then i can not do thatlol verry nice work

j-art's picture

So glad you like it - thanks!

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the combinded bueaty of the landscape is brought to life from the fierceness of the lightning. the touch of evil takes the cake

j-art's picture

I really fell flattered by your comments, coming from such a stand out artist as you are it means so much to me. Thank you so much!!!

fantasist's picture

I love all your work, but I think this has to be my favourite picture. You have great talent, and I only wish I could emulate you!

j-art's picture

And hi again Smile – a real joy to read your comments – it always makes my day receiving so much feedback. Well, about the “woman” Yes there will be more woman in future as I currently sold some stuff for a German Roman series (John Sinclair, don’t know if you know it). They also asked for more pieces including woman, well as it is a Horror series there will be sure some pieces with, you know, scared woman and monster or something like that Wink – let’s see…

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This one is very simillar to The lighting wizard. Or something like that. I can't remember the title. I saw the "Bloodlust" ...very gruesome, but good. Even though I'm not very good at handling the sight of blood. -twitch- Keep it coming. One little request though...of course do this on your own time. I'm not going to rush you. Could you draw more women? ^_^;; that's all. I'm gonna shut up now. ~Suntiger~

j-art's picture

Hi Partick – thanks for your comment, always a honor if you stop at my gallery Smile – not really new stuff here, just a repainted older piece, hope to upload some really new fantasy stuff soon...

megaflow's picture

Wow - new stuff that I had missed! This has beautiful details - I like it all! The energy effect that's sort of "dripping" down the stairs is really cool. Love it all. Smile

j-art's picture

Thanks Chris for this wonderful comment – I can only give this compliment back...

yrindale's picture

Man Uwe, this is grand work. I remember liking the previous incarnation but this just blows it out of the water. Not only are your comments an inspiration, but your work certainly is as well.

j-art's picture

Thanks Schlunz! Glad you like it – For me it still looks to digital, I have to learn to get that more painterly/natural media look in my digital pieces that you already own – so I better go back to work and try to do better in future…

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Smile hi Franz,
so good to hear from you – thanks so much for this wonderful comment – I will e-mail you soon about the con in Glasgow – hope I can make it :-?, not really sure about it right now…
thanks again, and I hope to meet you soon again Smile

franz's picture

Hi my good old friend. This piece sends good vibrations in the mood of "Sense of Wonder", yeah and I like this. Gimme more stuff like this.....

j-art's picture

Thanks Jason – great to hear my stuff can motivate someone, now I feel honored – thanks for your nice comment, much appreciated....

illustrus's picture

Holy Freaking Crap!
Thanks for the motivation to get me off my proverbial artistic butt and back to drawing. This rocks.

j-art's picture

Hi James - hehe - the top of the tree - well, i am still at the roots, a long way for me before i even can see the top of the tree - i know i have to learn so much, but your comment makes me feel grrrrrrreat Smile - thanks my friend!

j-art's picture

thank you Scott my friend, your wonderful comment is much appreciated

j-art's picture

thank you matthew

j-art's picture

thanks pal - glad you like it....

j-art's picture

and again a big thank you to you my friend - your comments are always a gift to me...

somerset's picture

Just when I thought you had reached the top of the tree with your work, Uwe, now your climbing into the sky! This is fantastic my friend, so brilliant and real it beggars belief! the lightning effects are awesome!

sdavis123061's picture

Wow Uwe, I don't know where to begin! This is fantastic. The level of detail in the background alone astounds me. The color, lighting, and mood are perfect for the scene and the over-all rendering is very well done as always. Great lightning and magical effects too. Well done my friend! Smile

mattbradbury's picture

Wow! very good.

thrax-1's picture

Thats much better technically Uwe. I especially like the thorn weed. Great textures and the lightning looks more narural ^^. Great work again.

rita's picture

Ah, Uwe, what a difference! I like it! The blue color gives it an extra special touch! Jep, like it!

Art at its best.