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Added: Feb 27, 2005
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This one is the cover of an upcoming book for children – full with good night stories, a really lovely book. There are also 22 interior illustrations from me in it – so I had not too much time lately to do much new fantasy stuff. Those of you who know me, will know I wanted to do no children illustrations anymore, but what shall I say, the author was such a nice woman Wink – so I did it again – hehe – hope you like it anyway…
Btw. I did the whole layout of this book too, so it is the first book where I did the illus and the layout – so now my little daughter has her very own good night book…
Sadly the book will be published only in Germany – if anyone is interested just drop me an e-mail and I will tell you where you can buy it Wink ---

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Haha - thanks, i love to do some kids stuff from time to time Smile

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This image made me and my friend laugh for twenty minutes, I got caught crying on the floor because of the hilarity of this image...thank you for the good time.

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Thanks for your comment Alexandra – and please let me know where I can get the book you did, would love to see it Smile --- keep up your great work!!!!

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Oh my.. now I feel like a worm.. *g*
It seems we did/do artwork for a children fairytale book at the same time..

But wow yours is truly cute- the "dragon" reminds me alot of "fuchur" from neverending story- I loved that film in my childhood

Great Artwork =)

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Thanks for the comment Chris, much appreciated as always Smile – I meant I did lots of children stuff, mostly cover illustrations for videos, it was the more cartoonish stuff, you know like all those Disney covers and such.
This piece of course was fun to do, as I could put in the fantasy aspect here (that’s certainly the reason it got approved on epilogue). So when I say I don’t want to do much of the children stuff that I did in my earlier days, that just means I don’t want to do much cartoon stuff in future. Just have a look at my homepage and you can see lots of stuff that I mean Wink. I just thought doing more and more cartoonish stuff would drive me in a wrong direction and that’s the reason why I mostly stopped doing it.
But sure to illustrate a fairytale book in a more realistic style sure would be great (and a not to bad idea by the way –hehe- Wink.
Again thanks for commenting and keep up you wonderful work my friend.

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This just goes to show how much diversity you really have in your work Uwe, and I hope you're proud. You said you used to do this sort of stuff a lot before doing fantasy, but you must at least have enjoyed the nostalgia Wink. Besides, on this sort of stuff you can certainly put in fantasy aspects. Again, good work.

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Haha – neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it’s not Fuchur – just one of those fluffy dragons with a cute dog like face – lol – at least this was what the creature should look like – but you are right, all people who saw the piece said – “hey, cool! Looks like Fuchur..” it was not intended to do a Fuchur dragon, it just should be a creature most cute flying in the clouds, the book is for very young children, so the dragon had to be as cute as possible, no scales, no teeth, no scary wings Sad - just a big nose – big eyes – and a round face and furr, furr, furr Smile)
Thanks for the comment my friend – Btw – I really love your Tarzan piece, you have such an unique style!!!

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Ts ts ts... Das is doch der Fuchur... ;o) Trotzdem sehr schön...

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Smile hi Franz,
greeeeat work you put up lately – I’m still in awe about your originals….

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lol! I'll need to know where I can buy it - my baby's four months old by now and will soon be able to fully appreciate bedtime stories! Laughing out loud
Wonderful illustration, Uwe. What's the book called?

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Thanks again Dani, I think the main reason why I improve faster than in my early days is the internet, and not at least epilogue. I got so much help from other artists the last two years, I never thought things like that would be possible – lately I have the chance to e-mail with Todd Lockwood who helped me enormously with some unbelievable tutorials and redlines over my work – I mean that’s like a dream to me – most artists are such wonderful persons and always willing to help if one just asks! For me it is most important to learn as much as I can, and I am thankful for all help I can get, cause I really need it!! Art is such a complex thing one never ever is a finished artist, I think all artist are searching for the “perfect work” but that just doesn’t exist, so being an artist as is a steady process of learning new things, searching for new inspiration. You just have to be willing to learn – listen to each critique you get, even if it hurts – never ever stand still… Epilogue is a wonderful Place to do right that, one can learn just by looking at the work from all this wonderful artists in here!
You see I have to learn much more Wink
You my friend don’t sit “under the tree of art” you are on the sam

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Eh, even if you are new about fantasy art I think you’re already well on with it. I really don’t think you have much more to learn. This is what I think, but I’m not an expert, obviously. I’m still sitting under the ‘tree of art’ of James McPartlin (see his comment on your “demon wizard”) you are climbing so quickly! Compliments again.

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Hi Dani Smile – yes it is different – but that’s exact the stuff that I mostly did in my time as freelance illustrator – sadly doing so many of those children illustrations didn’t leave much time left doing fantasy art Sad . So I decided to start a day-job as graphic designer to make sure I earn enough money to make a living – now I have time and the freedom to paint what I always wanted to in my free time – FANTASY ART - . I started seriously with fantasy art two years ago – so you see I am very new in this yield and have to learn sooooo much. I mean doing neat children illus or cartoons is one thing, but creating good fantasy art is a whole another story – so much to learn, composition, realism, dynamic, dramatic, action and, and, and.... but it is so wonderful exiting to go this way, and at least that’s what I really wanted to do my whole life.
However from time to time, if I like the commission (or the money is extremely good – hehe - ), I still do some children stuff.
Thanks for your nice comment, I’m glad you like this piece too Wink

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this is different from your other pics on, but I like it! it's like that flying creature from 'the neverending story'. and the moon's face is very funny.

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thanks again my friend - glad you like it Smile -- i'll drop you a mail where you can get it, but be a bit patient it will take a month before the book is available...
again thanks so much for your steady support

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Uwe - CONCRATULATIONS - hey man, you have to be so good, to be especially requested Wink Wonderful painting - and Uwe, it's always a good thing, to keep the child in us alive. Dont you agree? Oh, and please, give me the title and puplisher! YEAH

Art at its best.