Sweet Angel by j-art

Sweet Angel

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Added: Mar 24, 2005
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Needed something to relax today evening, so I started portraying a beautiful woman and ended up with this one at the end Smile – So this is just a quickie, but I like it enough to post it on the internet…
Model painted in Painter 9, Frame drawn with pencil and scanned in, composed in Photoshop CS. The whole thing was done on my brand new Mac G5 to test my new machine (damn this puter is fast, now I can use all the brushes in Painter where my old Mac was just to slow to handle them)

Thanks to Konstantin Fischer, friend, colleague and photographer, who gave me permission to use his photographs as reference. Thanks to the beautiful model Agueda (www.lanzarote-models.com)

Thanks for viewing and have a wonderful day…

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please handle with care

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Thanks I'm really glad you like it Smile

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Hey that is awsome, great job!

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THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! What a wonderful comment, I really feel flattered, and it makes me really happy you like the picture that much. Well, I’m an artist with two kids myself and a fulltime day job, so my time for painting is very limited as well Sad - but I always find time for painting cause I just have to – without painting I really would miss something in my life, I NEED IT! And I enjoy looking at art as well as I enjoy doing it – so maybe you will find the time doing your own art again some day, cause someone who loves art as much as you do, and by your comment I know you love art Wink, should find the time to doing art.
Hope your daughter likes the painting as well Smile.
Again thank you so much for your wonderful inspiring comment – Thanks!

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Gosh she's pretty. I am an artist with two kids and no time (or energy!) to be so ambitious as to persue my passion, but I adore looking at the artistry on the net. I was very pleased to come across your work.

I never comment on these things, so you are my first Smile I just had to with her.

You have her comfortable with herself, she's playing with her own feathers, idly, giving the viewer the impression that they are actually hers, too much are there angels/winged women that are, yes, pretty, but their wings are more of a display rather than an actual part of them.

I think you've achieved the 'old painting' feeling of this quite well with the scrollworking surrounding it as well, not just with the texture itself.

her eyes are wonderful. Sweet in their way, simple. You didn't make them a strange color, or with huge lashes, a real mona lisa effect I think.

Your work of women is astonishing, I very much enjoy looking at your art, thank you for sharing it with the rest of the world (and me!)

I can't wait to show these to my daughter, she's 8 and will adore them.


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Hi Lindsay, great to hear from you – was such a great day for me to meet you and Mr. Larry Elmore at the game convention in Essen – just hope I have the chance to meet you again one day was wonderful talking to you and seeing your work not only online Wink – can’t wait to receive your mail Smile) – Thanks for being such a nice and kind person, and thanks for your nice comment Smile

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Hi Uwe, sorry I've been so busy, but just wanted to tell you how beautiful this is. I will try to write a real email in the coming weeks.

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Hi Steve! Yes my new G5 toy is fantastic, my old Mac wasn’t able to handle all those brushes in Painter, but the good thing about my old Puter was that I just had more time to drink some coffee Wink ----
I saw your Mermaid already, and well once again it showed me how much I have to learn – your skills are truly amazing!
Thanks so much for your visit in my gallery and taking your time to comment on my work, it is really much appreciated – thanks!

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Hey Uwe!

Great portraiture.

Hey I notice that you used a new G5 and Painter/Photoshop to do this. In my gallery you can see the first thing I did on my G5. It is a Mermaid.

Great job Uwe.

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Thanks for your nice comment guest – I’m looking forward to do more Wink

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I love it i wish i can draw i again me talent is shot....bu the work is amazing i would like to see more

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And I have to say two words – Thank You! Smile

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just going to say one word- beautiful... /E

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Thanks for the info and the link – I will definitely have a look as soon as time permits… sounds really very interesting, I just whish I had a little more time to check out ALL those interesting places on the net….

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Thanks Dani – what a nice comment – thank you Smile

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Thanks Sean – glad you like it Smile

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Spectacular! I'm hypnotized by the border, her expression is great, and that hand... the position... the atmosphere... woooow...

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Hey Uwe!...well the expression on her face says it all....nice piece my man!!!

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Hi Simon – yes a little light on the chin (and some other areas) would really improve the piece – and hey that’s not nit-picking – I love to receive some constructive critique – especially when it comes to light, I am still very unsure if it comes to light – and you are definitely a master concerning that! – so, thanks for telling me about that. But what the hell is CGTalk challenge??????? I am really nosy now what it’s about, maybe you could let me know a little more about it and how I can enter it?

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Hey Ken – grrreat to see you in my gallery, you know I am a big fan of you! Glad you like the piece. Hmmm – the border design let you think of Giger Shock – so if some movie producers around here, how about taking me for the next Alien design???? Smile) bwahaha –
Thanks Ken really great to see you here…

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Thanks Scott – hehe – yes the new machine is great – but to be true I really bought it cause of the watercolor brushes in painter which I am now able use (and they are great) – so this was the most expensive brush I ever bought – lol – and my girlfriend is now very sure about that I am completely crazy Shock – looool – Thanks for commenting my friend!

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Thanks Jeff – yes the new Mac is fabulous – the children book I lately did paid well enough to make it possible Wink – the sad thing was I also needed a new wacom, new photoshop, new painter and and and – cause the old stuff didn’t work with the new machine and the new OsX Shock – so the whole procedure was really very expensive Sad ---

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Thanks Rita – yes my new toy is wonderful Smile) – and yes it was really a quick work just an evening to play around and test some things – I didn’t think this one approved here, but it did and that’s really cool – hehe – and sure I currently work on a more complex piece, still one to test the new brushes and technique, maybe I get it finished today, I’m nosy what you think about it Smile
Thanks as always Rita – seems you are the good spirit of this community, you comment on so much work and you are always so kind, a thing much more of us should do (me included) to make epilogue a more wonderful place to be Wink – Thanks my friend, you are fantastic!!!!!

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Thanks James, glad you like it Smile – you should see her in real life she is unbelievable beautiful Wink

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if not, also no big deal as long as I have fun while painting Wink So you see it is much more about the process of painting a picture than only the result…
Hope that explains this “natural media” thing a little – now lets see if I can get this ever right, hehe… thanks again for the comment it is wonderful to get so much feedback from you guys – Thanks!!!!

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Hi Matthew, thanks again for commenting my friend Smile – now to explain this “natural media” tick I currently have a little more, it is not only the look, I also want the feel of traditional painting. Means, I don’t want to cheat in textures (as I did here with the paper texture) I want that it just happens while painting, and I think slowly I come closer to it – I currently use in painter those new artists oils, which feel very natural while painting and for blending I use the grainy water blender, which makes some nice textures while blending and I use those digital watercolor brushes for glazing, which also make some nice textures – all by accident, all textures just happen due to the paper texture I use. So at the moment it feel very much the same as if I would paint with real color, and that’s really much fun.
And for using this watercolors I needed the new Mac cause my old one did exactly what you are talking about – I set a mark and fife minutes later…. Well you know --- Now it’s much more fun to paint when brushstrokes happen in real time Wink – and that’s my guess – if I paint as if I would do with natural media, I hope the pictures that I paint digital should also look like real media – if not

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Really nice, everything works well and the composition and texture and colours are all spot on. Perhaps a little tightening up of the chin area? but that's just nit-picking. Have you entered the CGTalk challenge? You may want to give it some thought because I think you'd do really well with this level of artistry.

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Great job, gorgeous girl! That stuff in the upper corner makes me think of Giger, for some reason.

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Beautiful work Uwe. A new Mac G5 huh? Ahhh... how I envy you. Smile

Art at its best.