The Four Horsemen by j-art

The Four Horsemen

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Added: Apr 04, 2005
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And when the Lamb opened the first seal,
I saw the first horse. The horseman held a bow.

Now when the lamb opened the second seal,
I saw the second horse. The horseman held a sword.

And when the lamb opened the third seal,
I saw the third horse. The horseman had a balance.

Now when the lamb opened the fourth seal,
I saw the fourth horse. The horseman was the pest.
(Aphrodite’s Child)

This piece was inspired by the Album Aphrodite’s Child 666 (the Apocalypse of John, 13/18)

Some may recognize the 4 horsemen from an earlier work from me – A better place – yes the same horseman, but this was the original concept (before the band asked me if they could have the horsemen for their cover) – I also started this piece in oils, but I fear it will take some time till I finish it, cause currently I don’t paint much with traditional media Sad.
Anyway hope you like it – as always thanks for looking Smile

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thrax-1's picture

By far your best piece for me now. you have found a way to harmonize your colour palette and make it more subtle. You've worked very hard on that i see. It's great work Uwe. Can we have a little explanation of your process? it seems slightly different now.

mattbradbury's picture

Really great work Uwe - I'm quite familar with the first picture of the four horsemen in your gallery with the survivors of the apocalypse looking back at the nuclear mushroom cloud with the horsemen appearing out of it. I think its a fantastic image, this one has much more of a religious feeling to it and is a completely different handling of the subject, it still carries the same weight for me in its meaning. As always excellent work my friend.

megaflow's picture

Very powerful as always, Uwe. I like how you've used the receding architecture to add a lot of depth. Also, it looks very painted and not digital!

Guest's picture

Wonderful work again, Uwe, this has a really grand scale to it and the brush-strokes are reminiscent of oil painting. It could almost be a film poster.

christar's picture

It is obvious from your work that you live, eat , and breathe art Uwe. Art is truly in your soul, and your dedication to the craft is an inspiration to all of us. *bows*

j-art's picture

thanks Scott - it always makes me happy to hear from you my friend!

sdavis123061's picture

Yes Uwe, I remember them from the other painting. I love the drama and great sense of action and movement here, and your color work is perfect. A very powerful painting. Well done! Smile

j-art's picture

Hi Rita Smile – Naaaaa I’m not fast – I have just laying around tons of unfinished stuff on my harddrive – so I thought I should complete the one or other of them, before there is to much commission work again, and I don’t have time to complete my free pieces Wink
Thanks for stopping by my friend Smile

rita's picture

Uwe, GREAT work - you are fast now - it seems you cant get off the comp... Wink good for us

j-art's picture

Thanks for the nice words Dani - as always much appreciated...

daniela's picture

I recognized them! powerful image, beautiful painting. as usual, you're a guarantee of quality. compliments again.

Art at its best.