A Deadly Game by j-art

A Deadly Game

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Artwork Stats
Added: Apr 15, 2005
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Cardart for the ccg 'A game of Thrones'

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j-art's picture

Thanks Scott you are most welcome...

sdavis123061's picture

Hmmm... I somehow missed this one the other day. Another fine piece Uwe. Since I'm a bit late with my comment I will say that I echo the thoughts of all the others who have commented. This is a fine painting. Smile

j-art's picture

Thanks Matthew – yes I try to reduce the detail in my work a little – cause not long ago an artist, my favorite artist btw., said: “ well I love all your detail, BUT sometime too much is just too much.” And I think he is right.
What is really strange, I do “art” better said illustration now since 16 years more or less professional, fantasy art now since ca. two years – and I really learned more in the short time since I’m here at epilogue than in all the years before! That’s really true – I cant thank you all enough for all your encouraging words your helpful critique and your kindness, and not to forget for all your great art which inspires me immense – I’m glad I found this place!

mattbradbury's picture

Excelent work Uwe, I love all the subtle colour changes you have in the background and the way you have detail in just the right places to lead your eye in. Great stuff!

j-art's picture

Hi Rita Smile – sorry I didn’t have time to answer your e-mail, but I definitely try to come to your first BIG ARTSHOW Smile
As for this piece, now this is a before the action piece – lol – (and just between us, much more easy to paint than those jumping guys Wink --)
Thanks my friend your comments are always much appreciated!

j-art's picture

Yes was faster to do, to fog those not important areas than to fill them with unimportant detail Wink
Well and as for the limited palette – the days I did mostly those video cover illustrations I had to do them as colorful as possible, so it is not to easy for me today to try to do my pieces not to colorful Wink glad you recognized that Smile
Thank you very much for the nice comment my friend!

j-art's picture

Hehe – thanks Heiko – glad you like those pieces, but this one wasn’t done on the new G5, this is a little older piece and was done on my old G3 Smile

rita's picture

Uwe, you should have painted it a little later - now I am waiting of his "jump"... great moment - great painted!

j-art's picture

Thanks Marley , you really look very carefully at my work to recognize all those little changes Wink – but this technique may change again as life is a random walk Wink just love to try this more painterly look at the moment…

j-art's picture

Thanks James – well, I don’t know If I have a “style” or if I should have one, cause I love it to much to try new and different things, so I think there is not much room for things like “style” Wink – thanks a lot my friend!

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Thanks a lot Dani Smile

Guest's picture

Great pic, again worked well with a limited colour palette, giving it more atmosphere. It's good the way you've fogged out the areas that aren't important. Nice job.

heikowagner's picture

Wiedermal vom Feinsten Uwe.Deine Spielkartenmotive sind alle klasse.
G5 läßt grüßen? Wink
Gruß Heiko

thrax-1's picture

Very nice work uwe. Still getting even more painterly which is great to see. Excellent composition, i like how your palettes seem to compliment each other better these days. Great work Uwe!.

somerset's picture

Ha such a wonderfully concieved dramatic scene, Uwe! and beautifully painted with your usual fantastic style! simply outstanding, my friend!

daniela's picture

hey you, on the horse! beware the suspicious guy behind the stone, he wants to kill you! great and detailed painting, as usual. I like the setting a lot.

Art at its best.