Elfwood Bow by j-art

Elfwood Bow

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Added: May 04, 2005
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Card Art piece for Mystical Empire™

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j-art's picture

Thanks so much for this comment, as I still try to achieve a more “natural media” look with my digital ones, this comment really makes me feel goooooood Wink – Thanks!!!!!

kizalon's picture

Good god Uwe! How do you make these great images?! The flowing tones, movement and intensity is so brilliant. If I didn't know it better, I couldn't tell that this is made digitally, it really looks that good, gongrats!!

j-art's picture

And again thanks so much for all your wonderful comments, really much appreciated....

mooresart's picture

Awesome piece! Great detail and perspective. Love the intensity in the eyes and the expression you have captured.

j-art's picture

Thanks for the comment Holger – haha – yes the perspective, well Matt called it “forced perspective” , but to be honest the perspective in this piece is just a little off – I saw that too as it was finished, but I thought it was not that dramatic to change it – you have a good eye !
Well, that’s what happens if I don’t construct my perspective, but the sketch was approved and I just started painting without refining the sketch and taking care about perspective – well that’s the result Wink

mangalore's picture

Great work on the elf's face and hands. How does one accomplish this realistic effect on skin and hair? However I hope you don't beat me to a pulp but the arrowhead looks out of perspective to me, as if it is bend by 45 degrees to be in the plane of the picture.
I'd still hope I'll one day figure out how to do such skin tones and lighting. Smile

j-art's picture

Thanks Ed – coming from you it really means a lot to me – I mean as huge Star Wars fan I know your work since a long, long time. Epilogue I s a whole new experience to me, receiving comments, and help from so many artists I admire for such a long time – wired thing this internet, but it’s FANTASTIC!

edcox's picture

excellent work!

j-art's picture

Well Keith, I’m the one who has to thank you – without you this piece would not exist Wink
Was great to work with you – Thanks!!!
Great to see you here Smile Your comment made my day!!!!!

j-art's picture

Wow – what a fantastic comment, I always try to achieve a “natural media look” in my work – your comment made my day Smile – Thanks!

j-art's picture

Thanks my friend, your comments are always much appreciated!!!!

j-art's picture

Haha – well I’m sure that’s kind of a boomerang arrow, so it always returns Wink
Thanks for commenting Simon – glad you like it. Smile

j-art's picture

Hi Matt Smile – haha forced perspective, that’s well said – well, we both know that the perspective in this piece is just a little of Wink – at least I think it is, but I thought it was not that dramatic to change it Wink –

j-art's picture

Thanks James – glad you think so Smile

j-art's picture

Thanks Rita, glad you like it Smile

cmlovell's picture

Your colouring is really breath-taking; even though you colour digitally it looks more like real media.
This is fantastic!

thrax-1's picture

Gorgous work on the bow Uwe, has a nice golden glow around it. Quite dynamic ^^ excellent work Uwe Laughing out loud

Guest's picture

I love this piece! It is really well done – much better than I could have expected!

Thank you Uwe! =)

Guest's picture

Good in all respects. Excellent craftwork on the bow and arrow. That arrow looks valuable, I wouldn't fire it if I were him. Great work.

mattbradbury's picture

Love this, the bow is very well done with that forced perspective, it's not esey to do so very good work my friend.I also really like his eyes, they have such intensity and way you have filled the canvas to is very clever!

heikowagner's picture

Great pic Uwe,this is real fantasy @the roots Wink,I saw the sketch on your homepage,beautiful...

somerset's picture

Brilliant work, Uwe, the bow and arrow work simply rock! love the cinematic view on this one, very 3D!

rita's picture

Uwe, I just love this painting! The bow is outstanding and his face is very expressiv. Great work!

Art at its best.